Best hack to get curls instantly. Beautiful, long, wavy tresses, with voluminous curls in them – now ain’t that a beautiful dream. A dream every girl who didn’t get curly hair by God, dreams. Now on special occasions, we all know how to go to the parlour and get curls, or even doing it yourself with a curling iron.

But this process takes a very long time, in some cases, it takes at least an hour or a couple of hours. But today what we are going to tell you here will blow your mind!

Yes, we are going to tell you a few instant steps which will give you your highly wanted voluminous curly hair, that too in flat 5 to 10 minutes. Here we go.

Best hack to get curls instantly

1. A high ponytail

The first step in getting effortless curls is to start by taking up all your hair and forming a high ponytail, specifically at the Crown of the head. Now if you want your curls from ear level, then you will have to form this ponytail higher, that is, you will have to make a super high ponytail. In case you don’t know the difference between the two, here it is.

Best hack to get curls instantly

2. Heat protectant hair spray

The next step is to use a heat protectant hair spray over this ponytail of yours.  This is done mainly for two reasons  – firstly, it makes sure that the heating iron doesn’t damage the quality and texture of your hair, and secondly, it gives an extra shine to the hair after the curls are done. In case you want your curls to stay longer, you can also apply a stylizing mousse on your hair.

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3. Real work starts now!

Now in the next step, you have to divide your ponytail into two sections. After dividing them, take one section of hair, and wrap it around the curling iron wand after twisting it into a lose bunch of hair. In case you’re holding a thick section of hair, then obviously you will have to keep it wrapped around the curling wand for a longer period of time.

4. Pay attention!

Now pay attention as this is the place where we all make mistakes. After curling one section of the hair, roll that hair and pin it up. DO NOT let it loose. If you let the curled section of hair down, the curls will go away very soon. This happens because of the natural weight of the hair and the direction in which it’s flowing. It will straighten your hair and the curls will go away entirely in a very loose manner.

5. Repeat

Now repeat the above steps, step no. 3 and 4, with the remaining section of your hair. Keep your hair pinned till the time it cools off.

6. Voila!

After the hair cools off, remove the band and pins in your hair and let your beautiful tresses flow! And Voila!  Your voluminous curly tresses are ready! Just a light finger brushing throughout the hair will help the hair even out and to settle it properly.

Carry this beautiful hairstyle with a dress or clothes of your choice. Be it for any occasion,  a date, workplace, or a party, wear this hairstyle, which didn’t take more than  5 to 10 minutes to prepare, effortlessly and beautifully. Now off you go and rock the occasion like the person you are, a true rockstar!