7 Best Revelations By Scientists To Tell Which Genes Come From Mother And Which From Father


Genes come from mother and which from father-Well, it was evident to you that you hear you are a copy of your mother. You readily believe them because you think the same. But always be aware that the statement is false. It is because we are more like our father than mother. Well, you need to know one theory regarding your father and his lifestyle before a baby gets birth. It is his habits that how he eats and what are his feelings.

It is a basic conception for the future health of the baby. Here through these thoughts, we will make you aware regarding the traits that you inherit from father genes and the traits that you possess from your mother.

But always remember that if you have good habits, then those will help you to attain a healthy lifestyle ahead. It is because your lifestyle will only teach you how to look at yourself and how do you feel with it.

A child has 50% of the DNA from his mother and rests from father. But the male has dominant genes. And in actual a child earns 40% genes from mother and rest from father. However, here we are to tell you that which trait you have earned genes come from your mother and which from your father.


Genes come from mother and which from father

The gender that a child will have in the future is all dependent on the father. It is X-chromosome that a baby gets from his mother but from he/she can get any type X or Y. If a baby attains X chromosome from his father, then the gender will be a girl, and if it is Y, then the gender will be a boy.

The condition of the teeth

If a father will visit the dentist, then, surely, his baby will have some dental problems. But in this case, it means the shape of teeth and its size can depend on either of the parents. But still, in such a case, father genes are the most prominent one. But if a father has terrible teeth, then the child will also suffer from the same. Thus teeth are dominant for father.


The intelligence of a child is all dependent on the X-chromosome. Intelligence traits of the boy are all on his mother. A son always attains the intelligence factor from the mother. On the other hand, a daughter attains intelligence from both father and mother. But in such a case, up to 40% of the intelligence trait is from mother. But rest you will receive it from the course of life.

Hence, here nothing will replace with your hard work. If we find an average of the IQ level then for a boy it is the difference in fifteen points from the mother.

The inclination for the mental illness

With the increasing age, the quality of the chromosomes in the father decreases. It defines the reason why the elderly person passes the mutated genes to the child. Here they form a risk for the underdevelopment of their mental state, hyperactivity, autism, or bipolar disorder. Also, children who get birth after forty-five years age of the father will have many chances to get into suicidal and also possess learning difficulties.

The inclination to increase in weight

You fit the inherited genes of overweight. Measurement of the weight and their waist measurement are all by the genes for around 25% of their total time. A child generally inherits it from their parents for the overweight genes. And in such a condition it is not easy to lose the extra pounds that you want. But if you eat a reasonable diet and physical activity, then it will be good for you.

Also, if one of your parents is fit, then you might even get fit with eating a proper diet. But if you are fat, then its inclination is often increased number rather than being fit.


The height trait is from father more than the mother. It is scientifically proved that a child height depends for 60 to 80% on the father and mother and the left depends on the diet that he eats. Also, you can predict the height of the child before birth.

Eye color

The brown color is very dominant. Even if the color of eyes of the father and mother is dark or blue respectively, then the child will attain brown color. A child can even have blue eyes, but it is rare and present only if the gene has a responsible blue color.