Get away from the makeup myths


Makeup myths-Makeup is the highlighter of your beauty but most of the time it is seen that you are caught in the false perceptions of the beauty. Some myths are being given here, you should be away from.

makeup myths

You think that pumping up the mascara can give it the last longer state but it is not true. You can make your mascara last longer by adding it a few drops of saline solution.

  • The shattered powder is worthless

Do not throw your shattered powder because it can be revived. Just crush your powder and do it even. Add alcohol to the powder and smooth the fine powder. After getting dried, it is ready to be used.

  • Makeup harms your skin

Makeup only harms your skin when you use cosmetics full of unhealthy chemicals. If you use good products, it won’t harm you. On the other hand, regular makeup can harm your skin.

  • Change the shampoo after some time

If you think that you can get shiny hair by switching up the shampoo, you are not right. Choose right shampoo but don’t change if you have the perfect one.

  • Matching eyebrows

Eyebrows have their natural color and do not try to match them with your hair. Basically, you have eyebrows color according to your hair but if you dye your hair, do not think that you should also dye your eyebrows too.

  • Makeup myths to grow your hair fast by cutting

This is not right actually. This is good to trim your hair if they have split ends but cutting without reason and thinking they would grow is not true actually.