Best Homemade Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally – Easy And Effective


Get rid of dark circles-We daily expose our skin to the Android phones, LED’s, and the computer screens. And thus we get our body display to the tissue of dark circles. It is an assumption that if someone is having the dark complexion of their skin, then the dark circles do not look bad on her. We cannot make much difference between her appearance and the dark circles. But then when the time passes the dark circles will be visible very firmly to everyone. They do not depend if the presentation is dark or light.

When we get fed up with these circles, we plan to use products from the market. But they are not very easy to afford, and hence everyone cannot make the best use of them. But many girls are much worried about their looks. Now they must be planning to think something over the issue. Well, we have some best remedies for them.

Get rid of dark circles naturally

Get rid of dark circles naturally

The ingredients that you need are:

Potato and Lemon. The each are required only one in quantity.

You need to peel off the potato skin for the use.

Grate out the potato so that it is easy to extract its juice. 

With the help of the tea strainer, put the potato in the small bowl and extract its juice.

The grated potato is to put in the filter and then extract the potato juice with the help of back side of the teaspoon.

Put the juice of the half lemon and add it to the potato juice so that the blending of the mixture becomes easy for us. 

Lemon is the best ingredient because it contains Vitamin C in it which is best for our health and has skin lightening properties. Hence lemon is used for the lightening of the dark circles. We get best results with it.

Now dip the small cotton ball in the mixture as the mixture is prepared. Put the cotton on the affected area with dark circles for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes wash your face with the help of Luke-warm water. Warm water is used for the skin.

To get the best results repeat the technique for one week in the daily routine.

Remedy 2:

The technique makes the use of potatoes at its best. Vegetables are rich in mineral, Vitamin B, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous. The remedy also makes use of the cucumber. Cucumber is best to remove the dark circles. It fights against cellulite, closes the open pores, soothes the sunburn, effectively treats the skin tan and also it rejuvenates the skin.

Ingredients required:

Potatoes, Cucumber, Lemon, and Rose Water.

Methods of preparation:

Properly grate the potato after you peel it off.

With the help of the tea strainer, put the juice of the potatoes in the bowl.

Put the grated on the filter and after that extract the juice after pushing them with the help of the spoon. And then take a cucumber and peel off the skin of the cucumber.

In the same way as that of potato grate the cucumber and also extract its juice with the help of teaspoon and the filter.

In a bowl add the juice of cucumber and the potato collectively in it.

Put the juice of half lemon in the mixture juice of cucumber and the potato.

Also, add one teaspoon of rose water in it.

You need to mix all the extracts evenly and adequately.

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Apply the mixture on the dark circles with the help of the soft cloth. Cotton ball will be the best to use.

And eventually, you will get the best results according to your requirement.

The remedies are powerful and harmless. The mixture content will affect the dark circles very firmly and quickly. After you had applied the mixture content on the skin, you should let it still for at least half an hour. But after that wash it with the help of Luke warm water.