Your skin is a reflection of your health!


Skin is a reflection of your health-As we all know that skin is the largest organ of the human body but is also a great reflector of our health. The type of skin we own tends to tell a lot about our health.

Here are ten different symptoms and skin types which reflect that something is not right under the skin.

Skin is a reflection of your health

1. That Itchy skin

Skin is a reflection of your health

Itching cannot be ignored just like that. It can indicate two things. One, it can point out a skin problem of eczema, or it can be an indication of being allergic to something you have just touched or eaten. However, other reasons for an itchy skin being dehydration or asthma or hay fever. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible and, consult a dermatologist if the itching continues to persist.

2. Chin breakouts

If you have to face pimples on your chin area, that means you are facing hormonal imbalance. Chin breakouts are more common in women than in men. Though the chin breakouts occur due to hormonal imbalance, they can extend if you take a lot of stress. So, calm yourself and take care of your skin.

3. Unwanted hair growth

Excess of hair growth on your upper lips, on your chin and below your belly button can be a symptom of hormonal imbalance. In women, it points out poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.  In such a case, you should consult a dermatologist.

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4. Dark circles

Dark circles can be due to a lot of reasons like stressing, not taking enough sleep, dehydration, ageing etc. We tend to have fat to support our eyes which shrinks as we age thus, widening the gap between the eyes and the cheeks resulting in dark circles. However, practicing small changes in our daily routine can be beneficial.

5. Red Spots

Apart from the pimples, you can face red spots which are caused due to environmental factors and can be genetics at times. This can be a skin disease called rosacea. However, excessive spicy food intake can worsen the situation.

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6.  Dry Lips

Changing weather conditions, dehydration or constant lip licking can cause dry lips. However, if you face the problem of dry lips often, then consult a doctor as it may indicate lingering or commencement of a chronic illness.

7. Sallow complexion

People who are not used to of changing weathers may face this problem of sallow complexion. Excessive cold and excessive hot climatic conditions can affect the skin. However, you can overcome the problem by keeping yourself hydrated or by wearing SPF creams.

8. Visible veins

Though visible veins look cool and appealing, however, they can indicate the problem of stress, under nutrition or varicose vein. This might also indicate the problem of blood flow.

9. Nail changes

Nails tend to signify our health to a large extent. If your nails have a lot of white spots and lines on them, then it might be an indication of a sickness or a lack of vitamins and other deficiencies. Consult a doctor.

10. Bruises

If you get unexpected bruises, then consult a doctor as it may indicate internal bleeding. Bruising is also caused due to ageing. However, do not neglect the symptoms and consult the doctor as soon as possible because prevention is better than cure.