10 Worst Habits That Can Damage Our Health Without Even Knowing Them


Habits that can damage your health-We used to do some things that are not as simple as we think. Some of the things we do and our habits are harmful and dangerous for our health.

We have listed down such things that you do in routine and are harmful which can cause damage to our health. You should take care of such things.

Crossing your legs

10 Worst Habits That Can Damage your Health Without Even Knowing Them

To explain harm by crossing the legs, we take the example of the incident in 1999 in the food complement manufacturing company. The company has also launched a large-scale campaign in the US which named as The Great Cross-Out. This campaign was not only the ad trick. According to many studies, if you sit by crossing your legs on the chair or the floor, it will cause damage to various veins and nerves and results in hypertension.

Feeding birds

Mostly all parents love to feed the pigeons with their kids. It is their favorite outside activity. It can be dangerous instead of fun for you. These birds carry more than 50% of diseases with them. They carry diseases like listeriosis, ornithosis, histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, and rabbit fever, etc.

Wearing poor quality of sunglasses

Manufacturers use cheap plastic for the sunglasses to save their money. These poor sunglasses do not protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Your eyes may get bright sunlight in them and which can lead to retina burn. Your pupils get dilate with shading which instead receives the double dose of UV rays. The double dose of UV rays is more harmful than not wearing poor sunglasses.

Drinking lots of water

It is not healthy to drink a lot and too little water. You need to drink more if you do sports or move a lot. You should drink less water if you have cardiovascular and kidney issues.

Treating your body with a hot water bottle

The ailments like bleeding, inflammation in the abdomen do not require the use of a hot water bottle. And it is not even needed in the first few hours and a few days after the injury. It is a thermal procedure which is also harmful as a cancer treatment.

Making popcorn in the microwave

We are not only saying about the method of cooking. Through its explanation, we want to talk about the contents of the corn for the home user. There is a chemical present in the corn named diacetyl. This chemical gets into your lungs when heated up. To reduce this risk, you have to let the popcorn cool down first and then eat them.

You are eating by sitting at your desk.

Every place at your workplace is not suitable for eating your food. The workplaces can have tons of bacteria that affect your digestion system. And also the smell of the food can bother your colleagues. You do your work along with eating so cannot concentrate on your eating. Due to which you can digest it properly.

Wearing open footwear in cities

We think that it is must wear everything open in the summer. But it is risky for your health. In the open shoes, you can get your feet cut or any infection by cutting of insects or a blister. This infection can also spread to your whole body.

Drinking fat-free milk

Vitamins go out with the fat from the milk when we drink the fat-free milk. Many manufacturers add milk powder in the fat-free milk to strengthen it which oxidizes the cholesterol in the milk. When we start drinking this milk in routine, it may high the cholesterol level in our body.

Sleeping on the stomach or by your sides

We mostly prefer to sleep in a better position we feel. By sleeping on by your sides and on the stomach can cause many health issues. Your diaphragm does not move rest free when you sleep on your sides, due to which lung problem and back pain get caused. To sleep on the stomach is more dangerous for your health. All the body pressure gets put on all the organs which can lead to nerve damage and heart issues in the long term.