6 Harsh Truths That We Almost Neglect


The harsh truth about life. Childhood is the time when our parents take care of us as fragile. It is the time which is entirely different from our adulthood. We do not know what is good or bad for us. We live our lives in the way we want. Being the adults, we always wanted to follow the excellent set of rules for us. With growth, we come to know what can be interesting for our lives. No one here can push us towards a successful life.

Nobody will give the shoulder to cry. They will even not come to praise us. The period, in the end, would turn to be ultimate because you need to be smarter, attractive, and better than us.

Here we are with the simple truths of our lives that we need to understand at the one end of our lives.

You must not sacrifice yourself for others

6 Harsh truth about life that no one wants to accept

Well, many people would tell you that everything that they do is for you. And then it gets followed by the answer saying that I have not asked you to perform the same.

But to be honest, in every way, the people will never need to sacrifice for you. They will always feel weird in many situations. Hence they may even turn to feel irritated in every condition. Only one solution to the problem is the codependent behavior. It is when a couple gets satisfied with each other.

No one will give us a medal for our work

People would say that the horse has worked the most in the village. But then also the horse has not turned to be the head of the area. Also, after some time you will go up with some unpleasant situation. In that condition, your boss would think that you can do any work for them. It would even hurt your health. Also, you will put a lot of pressure on yourself. They would be busy in checking the newsfeed, and hence it would lead to gossip after every cup of coffee. But your boss will never praise you for anything.

The positivity of the body is not the absence of the self-care

If you have the unshaved armpits, the cracked nails, and you even refuse to remain hygienic for the products, then all things turn to untidy person. It is not good on your part. Your idea could respectfully treat yourself. But you also need to accept the appearance in a worthy manner. But many dialogues that you repeat would hide the lazy behavior; thus you do not have motivation inside you. Therefore it would treat health irresponsibly.

 The harsh truth about life Appearance matters

No matter how much you can talk to your rich inner. You even praise the beauty of your soul, but we all know that people always judge the beauty of the cover and not from inside. These facts are right in some circumstances. It is not about the professional skills that you would take along with you at some interview. It even depends upon the personality that you carry along with you. A person who is tidy and confident would get the chance to be on the auspicious date than that of the untidy ones.

It is not your profession to be good for everyone.

No one can treat you well at the workplace if you have beautiful eyes, a mortgage, three kids, four loans, and a sick mother. Bosses feel interested in the work. But if you do not bring the profit to your company, then it is right to say that your boss will replace you with the more energetic and hardworking person.

Your mother is not always right.

With the change in time, we start ignoring our parents. We feel that they are not always right and do not understand you. It turns to be an indubitable truth for us. Our psychology says that our parents are an ordinary person. They can even commit some mistakes. They have bad habits which others might not like. They are with thoughts that are not always wise and true.