Nine Best Riddles That Would Turn The Brain Strain


Riddles-If you will solve the puzzles, then it would help you a lot to cure your cognitive processes, improve your memory, and even strengthen the connection in between the brain cells. Also, you will get a lot of fun with it. Hence if you will solve out these puzzles and thus with this you might be killing two birds with the help of one stone. Thus with this, it would help you to solve out the interesting puzzles which can be either tricky for you at one time. You need to pay logical attention to solve out the problems for the same. You can take your time but advise not to cheat out.

Can you guess the wife of man?

Nine Best Riddles That Would Turn The Brain Strain

Well, three women are standing facing the man. But the difficult task is to guess the wife of him.

Are you able to find out the answer to the question of mathematical riddle?

Well, it is the mathematical riddle. The person well right in mathematics can solve it out.

This is one of the riddles of the bat and the ball

The ball and the bat together give you the cost of $1.10. The value of the bat is $1 more than that of the ball. Can you find out the price of the bat?

Lilly pad patch problem

You can see one patch of the lily pads in the lake. With the passage of the one day, you can see the size growth of the pad in the double. It will cover the whole lake. To complete the entire lake, it will take around 48 days. But can you guess the time in which Lilly pads will include the half lake?

The logic puzzle to connect all the dots

Here we have given you one grid. Int he grid there are nine dots. In each of them, there are three rows and three columns. You have to draw four straight lines from each dot without even lifting the pencil.

7 Candles and the logic puzzle

The cake is in the form of a big round with seven candles on it. These seven candles are on the edges. You want to blow all of them that you might place in the form of a circle. According to the rule, once you will blow out the candle, the candles adjacent to it will also blow away. But if you blow on the off candle, then it will light again. It will still go from the lit to unlit with one more try. The hint is if you blow on the same candle for two times then it means you are not blowing it away at all.

One light and the three switches

One lightbulb is inside the closet which is not open. You cannot even see to find out if the light was on or off. But you have three switches of light outside of the closet. One switch out of them is of the light bulb. You have the right choice to flip the boxes in the way you would like to do. But once you open them, then you will be not having any option to touch the other switch. Guess the switch which is controlling the light.

The orange-apple brain tester

In the above picture, you have three boxes. The one box is full of oranges, one has the apples, and the third one has both oranges and apples. The labeling of the three boxes is wrong by mistake. Our trick is to fix them all. Now the problem is you cannot open the boxes to see what is inside. But you can ask for one sample from all. What will be the minimum number of sample fruits to guess the right?

The hour-glass logic puzzle

Well, here you can see two hourglasses in front of you. The measurement of one is around seven minutes. The other hourglass would give the time of four minutes. Now the question is to get the time of nine minutes. How will you get it and you will have to use both the hourglasses together?