What is the definition of a perfect picture? Is it having perfect color combination, of having the perfect lighting where the subject is clearly visible and looks attractive? As a matter of fact, it is. But, certain coincidences just adds to the beauty of some pictures.You might not have encountered such coincidences in your photographs, but a photographer needs to be at a correct place at a correct time for a perfect picture. So, here we have shown 20  of the most amazing pictures which were taken at a perfect place and at a perfect time.

1. A fire fighter’s wings.

2. This crazy picture of a girl with fish’s head.

3.This gorgeously captured cat.

4. This drowning person.

5.She’s watching you.

6.Parrot having deer’s horns.

7.Find the face.

8.The mini mouse girl.

9.The perfectly captured waves.

10. It looks as if the eagle is taking a selfie.

11. The perfect workout for your abs.

12. Just hair or a tree??

13.The frog and the human.

14.Kissing the shark.

15.Can it get any better than swapping your face with your favorite character??

16.Look at that giant fish!!

17.I can see your Halo.

18. Meet the alien traveling on a bus.

19.Now, what in the world is that?

20.Parking gone wrong.

21. She’s got her wings. Have you?