Have a look at this latest eyebrow trend that took the internet by the storm.


Trends work like crazy these days! You see something on the internet, and you straight away want to try that out for yourself. That’s how trends work these days. And sometimes, it’s enough to just post a picture on Instagram to start a trend. That’s what happened with Stella Sironin, a makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland. She posted a picture of her eyebrow looking funky and captioned it with “so I’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it every day and don’t forget to tag me like and subscribe and hit that bell button”. She did not intend to make it a trend and thought that people will not take it as a joke.But to her surprise, people all over the world started recreating this “feather brow” look. Check the results below!

1. This is Stella’s original photo that started the trend.

2. A girl then recreated this look with purple eyeshadow.

3.There was no stopping then!

4. Girls started pairing it up with classic eyeliner.

5.It didn’t take much time to become a trend.

6.Girls then started experimenting with various color combinations.

7.The feather brows with a hint of gold became the perfect look for a party!

8. This look suits the season pretty well!

9.The edgy feather brow look is in vogue and looks completely normal.

10. Stella then posted another picture and captioned it as “note to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and…. well. Start the trend.
Anyways THANK YOU for all the love and hate on my last pic! I think we should call this #featherbrows so if you actually want to recreate this, pls use the hashtag and tag me in the picture.”

11. And then she posted yet another picture to clarify some things. She captioned it as:

“ok so obviously this has gotten out of hand, and it’s hilarious and amazing, but I wanted to clarify some stuff:
1. I joked about starting a trend in the caption of my first pic not about the actual makeup
2. drag queens have used glue on their brows since forever so please don’t credit me for that lol
3. I know that brows are a sacred part of the face but consider this: there is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup, why is experimenting with brows so strange?”