Did the movie show you the past wrong? Have you noticed?

Historical movie mistakes you should notice-Who doesn’t love to watch movies in their time? You might have been left dazzled by the spectacular performance of Captain Jack Sparrow or the romantic story in the Notebook might have touched your soul. Well, whatever the genre you might fancy, these entertaining pieces are something you can’t avoid. If you have an eye for history, then the past is something that you can’t look over. The historical stories could have perhaps mesmerized you by its tale. However, in the quest to attract much gravity, the producers might introduce some twists and turns from the original sequence of events in history. Nonetheless, in their greed, some concepts go out of the way to contradict the past itself. Have you ever taken note of such inaccuracies in your leisure series? Below are ten such movie titles that juxtapose the original plot with ugly blunders.

#1 Alexander

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

Alexander the Great had this emotional attachment to his horse, Bucephalus. You might have acknowledged it while viewing it on the screen itself. But, wait! Did you check the breed of the horse in the film? Adding to your learning module is the Friesian breed of the horse. Alas, the sad part is that this class of horse did not exist anywhere during the 16th century! And it shows up about 1000 years after the dates addressed in the movie.

#2 Braveheart


Did the kilt pictured in the cinema take you by surprise? If yes, then you are thinking right. It is because this came to use 200 years after the original time-period.

Further, if you had adored the chemistry between Queen Isabella and William Wallace, then it would be sad for you to know that it never happened in actuality. The Queen was just about ten years old when Mel Gibson’s character, William, was given capital punishment in the year 1305. Seven years after William died, did the Queen in 1312 deliver her firstborn, who turned out to be Edward III, the future king.

The third blunder that is evident in the movie is of Scottish warriors, who were depicted with blue face paint. This, however, had never been seen in the 13th-century fighters, but rather the Celtic warriors in ancient times.

#3 Elizabeth: The golden age

Elizabeth the Golden Age

Do you know that Cate Blanchet portrayed the role of Queen Elizabeth, who was then aged 36? And that she desired a Russian tsar, Ivan the Terrible, to be her husband. Well, the origins trace back to 1585 when the Queen had attained 50 years. All the same, the tsar had passed away by that date. The ignorant part was that no proper makeup had been used on Cate to depict her older than her age to match with that of Queen Elizabeth during that epoch.

#4 Gladiator


If this movie has been your favorite, then you should know that it is the king of all the inaccuracies ever made in history. Let us look at them one at a time.

• The alphabet U had seen its entry into Latin only in the Middle Ages. So, the sword of Marcus Aurelius should have shone MARCVS AVRELIVS FECIT instead of MARCUS AURELIUS FECIT.

• Marcus Aurelius was not murdered by his son Commodus. Neither did he die on the stage, but a murderer had been responsible for the act.

• The title of General hadn’t been in use in France until the 16th century. Also, it didn’t exist in the Roman empire at the time of these events.

Nonetheless, in the film, you can see Russell Crowe image the role of a General.

• It is less than 150 years before the breed of the German Shepherds came into being.

Nevertheless, they were quite evident in the cinematic display of the war with the Germans.

• The command ‘Fire’ corresponds to the firing from guns, which was introduced from the Middle Ages in Europe. You can still feel the effect it brought in the movie.

#5 Gone with the wind

gone with the wind

Do you realize that Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamps in 1879? Now, the American Civil War lasted from 1861-1865, during which era the movie was based. Perhaps, the most factual mistake you can make a note of is the use of electric lights in the Atlanta streets.

#6 Pearl Harbour

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

From ancient times, including the war years and the Middle ages, stockings had formed the primary part of a woman’s wardrobe. It was considered quite inappropriate for them to refrain from wearing them. Howbeit, in the Pearl Harbour, you can see how the women ditched these clothing to show off their legs.

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#7 Pride and prejudice

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

The Jane Austen scripted story has seen its set of errors with the main lead spotting Wellington boots during her walks and play. However, this kind of boots did not turn up before 50 years passed by since the book got published.

#8 Saving Private Ryan

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

If you are a bike lover, then you might have eyed all the amazing bikes that got publicized in this movie. Unfortunately, the famous war creation also depicts a howler, where Captain Miller shoots down his enemies in the war front. Based on the events of the Second World War, the motorbike to which Tom Hanks character was leaning to in the scene was not of German minds at all. It was introduced 20 years after the happenings in 1963. Besides, it was a Russian model, Ural M63.

#9 Titanic

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

The RMS Titanic sank in 1912. Six years later, the construction of the Wissota Hydroelectric Dam led to the formation of Lake Wissota along the Chippewa River. Now, you might be wondering where the connection between both is? Well, you might have watched the fifth highest-grossing film in Canada a dozen times. Do you remember the scene when the main character, Jack, speaks out to Rose for the first time? He mentions about his fishing experience in Lake Wissota in his native Wisconsin. So, did your hero blurt out a blooper?

#10 Troy

Historical movie mistakes you should notice

Your historical epic contains many awkward bloopers of its own. A few of them are discussed below.

• The South American Llamas showed in the cinema as well as the metal spokes adhered to the umbrellas of Helena and Paris stand out as the most inaccurate facts.

• Even though coins didn’t exist at that epoch, your picture would have shown you dead people with their eyes covered by coins.

• According to history, Troy had been sieged not just for a few weeks, but for about ten long years.

• What belongs to a different epoch other than the shields and helmets of the warriors? It is none other than the Trireme ships which started off 600 years later rather than the date when Achaeans reached Troy.

• Troy did not see the end of Menelaus and Agamemnon. The former died a natural death in his ripe age, while Agamemnon’s wife was responsible for his murder on his return home.

Did you feel disappointed with these factual mistakes or did you go with the flow and enjoyed the rhythm of the creation? That is why it is said that you should always know the history before judging the face story. Another lesson that you can learn from this play of facts is that you shouldn’t believe everything you see with your eyes. Some things and people demand your insight.