Homemade remedy to whiten your teeth


Whiten your teeth-White and shiny teeth are a beauty with health but cavity and yellowish content make them polluted. We may wander our dentist to get therapy for that but what happens if you can have whitening at home? Yes, you can do that but the only thing you needed is your kitchen material. You need lemon and baking soda. How it works, let us see here.

whiten your teeth

Whiten your teeth at home

You have to take them together and make a paste. Totally, this is going to help you perfectly and you will be like wow after applying this remedy.

Lemon works like the bleach to your teeth and removes the cavity. When lemon and baking soda are combined together, they reduce the teeth problems like a cavity, yellowish parts, and bad smell.

You have to take balance amount of these two ingredients like several teaspoons of baking soda and enough lemon juice for that quantity. You are also needed a toothbrush.

What you have to do is that just mix them both as one. Wipe your teeth from a towel to remove extra saliva and then apply the paste with the toothbrush. Leave it for one minute but if are using water in place of lemon juice, just leave for 3 minutes.

Although this remedy won’t guarantee to whiten your teeth in a week still it is beneficial. You know it better than homemade or natural remedies work slowly but properly so you can use it.