To make the family stronger you need to make the most of the variety in your life with your partner. And before you do this, pay attention to three factors that can affect the intimate part of your relationship.

To diversify your private life, you need to like yourself. Therefore – do everything so that you like the reflection in the mirror: fitness, healthy eating, massage, and so on.

Remember, in order to diversify your life, you need to be interested in it and in spending time with your partner in the bedroom.

Rules of successful living with a partner

To make an intimate relationship vibrant, add some ruled into your love life:

1. Give gifts and make surprises

Do not be shy to make surprises to your loved one and give him gifts like an Oris luxury watch. Although surprises and gifts are different things, the essence is the same. Since the receptors of touch of a beloved partner should be periodically excited, it is recommended to come up with different surprises that you can smell, touch, and even try. This is the same as touching the erogenous zones. Do not be shy and use your imagination, it is so romantic. Even an invitation to a swinger club can become a good surprise in suitable circumstances.

2. Miss each other

Undoubtedly, joint trips to theaters, cinemas, the ice rink, and other events are extremely necessary. After all, all this is the main component of common interests. But the constant presence nearby after some time begins to become boring. Even the newlyweds can begin to get tired of spending too much time together, which means it is important to create moments in your life when you can miss each other. It is important that a man and woman have their own space. Meeting with friends, fishing, shopping, a hairdresser and other events help to miss your partner more.

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3. Surprise a partner with culinary abilities

Many psychologists of family life claim that delicious food plays an important role in building a family relationship. Of course, you can cook tasty food daily. But this is not enough. Food should be sometimes unique and interesting. There are even scientific works: how to lure a man with romantic food.

4. Do not be afraid of surprises

A long and strong relationship is joy, sorrow, ups, and downs. All this is experienced with a loved one. In order to diversify your private life with a partner, you should not be afraid of unexpected, but permissible actions. For example, an unexpected kiss, or some pleasant words. Unless of course, the place where you are situated allows this to be done.

5. Do not be afraid of experiments

If your partner offers to try something new, do not refuse at once. This can be experiments in the bedroom only with the participation of you two, or you can use the best threesome app and find a person with the same fantasies as you and your partner. This will be the experiment that will bring a huge variety to your intimate life and a lot of emotions to both of you.

6. Our life is a game

Every person plays the role assigned to him. The game is a completely normal state. If during the day you are a girlfriend, a mother, a wife, a colleague, a friend, and even an enemy, then in the evening it would be nice to change the role. It is not difficult to choose an image: a maid or a nurse will bring diversity to a stagnant relationship. Change your image – it is so important.

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