The key to success in all aspects of life is planning. When you plan, you reduce the chances of failure while increasing the chances of success. Similarly, when writing an essay, you have to prepare for it. Preparing for writing an essay translates into research.

Conducting comprehensive research lets you create a plan for crafting and delivering an excellent essay. It lets you develop a write-up that presents information accurately and methodologically. Most bad essays are done with little to no research. This article teaches you how to properly do research for writing an essay.

Start Early

For you to develop a good essay, you need to start early. You really do not want to start working on an important essay just a few days before your deadline. When you do this, you do not give yourself enough time to do your research. Therefore, you need to start early enough to get to the finish line on time. The time you take researching an essay may depend on the research required. It also depends on how familiar you are with the topic. Be sure to begin on time, as an essay may surprise you and require more time than you initially planned. Nevertheless, with the right strategy, you can finish an essay in a day.

Understand the Reason for the Essay

Each essay has a unique reason for its creation. In most cases, the reason for an article lies with the essay’s main question. Other times an essay revolves around a need to write a perspective. Whatever the reason for an essay, understanding the main point of creating it is central to it coming to life. Try to find the main points you need to highlight in your article. Look out for keywords such as ‘discuss’ and ‘compare.’ These words tell you how to proceed. If you are really out of time, go through GrabMyEssay rating to see if this service can help you find a trustworthy essay writer.

Analyze the Main Points

In this stage, you need to analyze all points you have reasoned out. Your ability to conduct a good analysis of these points will help you identify what you know and need to find out. As a result, you basically get a direction to follow to get specific data. Armed with this information, you are ready to research the things you need to know to create the essay.

Understand the Topic Well

Before starting the main research for your essay, you will need to understand some basics. If you fail to have a working understanding of some concepts, you will end up not comprehending the information you find. Also, without a fundamental understanding of concepts, you will easily believe the first source of data that you come across. However, once you get a bit more acquainted with your topic, you will be able to critically analyze sources and make inferences.

Find and Use Books

If you know how to use a library, go ahead and find the books you need for your work. If you are not familiar with a library, seek the help of a librarian. They are there to help you. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance.

Once you find the books you need, do not waste your time reading each book. Try to use the table of contents or index to find exactly what you are looking for. Going directly to the relevant pages and chapters saves your time.

Read Relevant Information

Once you identify sources that are relevant to your essay, you need to organize them. Sequentially read through books, journals, and articles. Allot a timeframe to each source depending on how important it is to your research. Skim through as many as you can within the time you have. It is also a good idea to start with general sources before delving into more advanced literature within the field.

Take Notes

Do not just read books and other sources, thinking you will grasp and remember everything you read. You have to take note of the critical information you read. Therefore, you should have with you:

  • A pen.
  • A notebook.
  • A pencil.
  • A highlighter.
  • Sticky notes.

These items will prove helpful for your research. But do not just write down everything. If you write down every single point you read, you will end up having so much information, which you will have to digest and further simplify. Alternatively, too much information can make your essay bulky and challenging to read.

Use a Dictionary or An Encyclopedia

Make it a point to understand each word when reading. Misinterpreting a single word can completely alter your understanding of a context. A dictionary or an encyclopedia can help you understand unfamiliar words. For example, if you are writing a paper on women’s business fashion, you must understand the basic related terminologies.

You can also rely on Google to comprehend terms you do understand. But make sure you use credible sources. Remember, there are hundreds of unreliable sources on the internet.

Include Your Own Opinion

Once you have a good grasp of relevant information relating to your essay, you can begin to draw your conclusions. As you conclude, you can begin to write out your essay. You can liaise with any of the best essay writing services to get a decent essay instead of writing it yourself if you lack time to do proper research.


Writing a great essay starts with thorough research. We recommend that you start early to finish on time. You also need to understand the fundamental concepts of your research before moving to more complex information. Finally, you need to take notes, use a dictionary, and draw conclusions before you begin writing. Do all this, and your essay will be stellar!

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