Hacks that can make you look slim


Look slimmer-The best way to shed a few pounds is through constant training and healthy eating. There are times when you want to drop weight quickly. There are no magic pills for this, so what do you do? A famous nutritionist- Richard Heller says that the cosmetic weight, i.e. in which the lady feels to be the best is different than the psychological weight. It is dangerous to diet and torture yourself in the gym. The right choice of outfit can make the body lean and appealing. So here are some hacks to make you look 10 pounds lesser. Let’s get started.

How to dress to look slimmer

How To Look Slimmer By Using These Hacks

A V-neck top

Details can create the right proportions. A v-neck dip is excellent for emphasizing breasts and for making the silhouette look stretched and slender.

Undo your buttons

If there is no dip, undo your blouse buttons. A buttoned blouse puffs up an area and shows the notorious fat folds, more prominent. Undo a few buttons that will accentuate the shape and silhouette beautifully.

Vertical stripes

You look slimmer when you wear vertical lines. These stripes shouldn’t be wider than the palm; else the effect won’t work. If you want visually long legs, you will require a knee-length skirt.

Hourglass dresses

Dresses with an hourglass cut are great for making you look slender. The silhouette and drawing work hand in hand with this method. The dress should have the right fit to get the correct effect.

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Right jewelry

You can look lean by using good jewelry. Long beads can help you rightly if you have more than one. If you want to wear a single piece of jewelry, wear a long one, which is large or brightly colored.

High waist denim

Your favorite pair of jeans can make you look right. Choose a pair with a high waist cut and not the skinny ones. Choose dark blues and black shades without patches, holes, rhinestones, etc.

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Choose dark flared trousers

Choosing dark trousers with a slight flare can balance the top and bottom of the woman wearing it.

Knee-length flared skirts

A straight ankle-length skirt or a knee-length flared skirt is always the right choice.

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Noticeable drawings

The soft fabric fits the body better but does not add extra volume. When it comes to sweaters, when they gently fit the silhouette, the body looks slender. Free models and noticeable drawings should be kept away.

Correct underwear

Underwear which is very elastic wraps the shape gently and has minimum stitches with the right texture and strong bondage works excellent. Go to a specialized store to get the right ones for yourself.

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Shawls and tippets can work as accessories and clothes too. Hang them down to make your shape look leaner.

Medium sized heels

High heels can make the shape taller but not slender. Medium-sized heels, not higher than eight cms shall help you correctly!

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Say no to bright shades of footwear

Choose ordinary pumps as going for unusual designs or very bright colors draws attention, breaking the harmony of the silhouette.

Go monochrome

The right colors make you slimmer. If the top and bottom are of the same color, it creates a stretched effect for the silhouette.

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Dark shades

Greys, blues, khakis and black can make you look leaner. Try combining several hues of the color to create some drama.