Some Tricks Which Will Make Your Old Clothes And Shoes New.


How to make your clothes look new? Sometimes our favorite clothes and shoes get damaged by getting a little stain or dust, and we feel so bad about it. We have some smart tricks that will help you in making your old clothes and shoes look new.

How to make your clothes look new?

Remove the ink or permanent marker stains.

How to make your clothes look new

You can make your old stained shirt as a new one by using this simple trick. Here is a chemical which is known for removing the ink and permanent marker stains from the clothes. The compound identifies as acetone. Acetone is the chemical by using which sometimes clothes get damaged. So you should try it first for some rough cloth of the same stuff. You can also use alcohol in the place of acetone. But alcohol is not that effective as the acetone.

  • Put some water on the ink stain so that it should get wet.
  • Take a towel and place it on a table and then put the stained cloth on the towel.
  • Take a squeeze bottle and put the acetone in it. Now put the acetone on the stain.
  • The stained ink will absorb by the towel placed under the stained cloth.
  • Now wash your stained cloth with water and check it.
  • You can do it until the ink gets appropriately removed.

Remove rust stains from clothes

How to make your clothes look new

Rust stains can easily remove by using two things that are available in our homes, i.e., salt and vinegar or lemon juice. You can use lemon juice if you don’t have vinegar at your house.

  • Take some salt and vinegar in a bowl, and they both should be in the same amount.
  • Mix both the things properly and put the mixture directly on the rust stain.
  • Leave it there for 30-40 minutes and put the cloth under the direct sunlight.
  • After some time the stain will start fading and after that wash the cloth as usual.

Sometimes rust stains can be easily removed, but sometimes they become so stubborn that they look like a challenge to us. After all that, you can use the above-written remedy several times to remove the stain. You can put your cloth over the boiling water before placing it under sunlight but after placing the mixture on it. It will help you in getting rid of the stain quickly.

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Remove old paint from clothes

How to make your clothes look new

To remove the old paint from your clothes you need a hairspray and a stiff brush.

  • Take hairspray and spray it on the paint on your clothes. Make the whole painted area utterly wet with the hairspray.
  • Leave it for some time and then rub it with a stiff brush or you can also use a rough cloth.
  • While rubbing, you will see the paint on your shirt starts getting rolled.
  • After that wash your cloth as usual then it will remove the marks of the paint from the fabric.

Make leather shoes shiny again

How to make your clothes look new

Wearing leather shoes makes you look impressive and classy, but they get dull and dirty very soon. Here we can give you a solution to this problem. You need to have a glass cleaner, one cotton cloth, and a toothbrush.

  • Take glass cleaner spray and spray it on the cloth that we have taken.
  • Rub the wet cloth on the shoes gently so that it will remove all the dust from them.
  • You need to clean all the stitches or accessories with the toothbrush because it is not possible to wipe the corners with the cloth.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove the glass cleaner from the shoes.
  • Your shoes start shining and look like brand new.

You cannot do this remedy on any type of leather shoes because some leathers get damaged with the glass cleaners.