Illustrations will make you feel happy to be single-Contrary to the popular belief, Being single and living alone can be pretty awesome!! The following illustrations are a proof of it. They are Created by LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As. Living alone has its own perks, and these illustrations are going to show you just that. Have a look.

Illustrations will make you feel happy to be single

1. Enjoying the silence.

These 21 Illustrations will make you feel happy to be single!!

2.Adoring your pet.

3. Reading all by yourself.

4. Or drawing in peace.

5. Watching the peaceful rain.

6.Enjoying your me time.

7.Dancing with your pup.

8.Cuddling your dog.

9.Eating your heart out. 10.Not afraid of being clumsy all the time.

11. Relaxing.

12.Valuing the little things in life.

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13. Going for long walks with your pet.

14.Partying on your own.

15.Calming those midnight cravings.

16. Enjoying in the serene silence.

17. Meditating in peace.

18.Working with your pet by your side.

19.Pampering yourself.

20. Cooking for yourself.

21. Being weird without any fear.