Check Out Some Methods To Prevent Yourself From Perverts


Prevent yourself from the perverts-Well, this world is the primary matter of being safe first because girls are not safe at all and many of our parents have told us methods to save yourself. And one such is using the pepper spray in the criminal eyes. It is the best way to encounter the perverts. But in some of the countries, it is not a useful way, and girls cannot use it to protect themselves.

How to prevent yourself from the perverts

How to prevent yourself from the perverts

Country Singapore does not allow it. But not using pepper spray does not mean you cannot save yourself from complementary situations. Here we have gathered some tips for you to feel secure and that will also give the real pain to the perverts in return.

Kick The Balls

It is the age-old trick which never fails in its work. It will provide you the time to make the hasty gateway because it is the surefire way. Well, before that you must try and check him if he is feeling the pain or not. See the impact on him from which he is suffering. After you ensure yourself that it is ok and you feel safe from him, then you must turn back to him. It is the primary requirement because he would come after you surely and may act in front of you of being in pain. It can be his incapacitated situation, and you must know how to save yourself.

You must step on your feet with the help of your heels.

Well, for some girls it might be a burden to wear the heels on their working day because the employer of the company has asked her to do so. She wears it unwillingly, and thus it might be painful for her to do so.

But I think it is the right you should wear your heels and make its proper use. To feel secure, you can stamp hardly with the help fo the tip of your heels on the sicko’s shoes, and if you want to let him know what the real meaning of pain is then, you can stamp on his next feet as well.

The Headbutt

If some guy catch you in the bear hug, and then it becomes impossible to break the connection with him you can prevent yourself by the method of headbutting. Do not fear that the guy would feel the pain. If you want the security, then you will have to do that. It would not hit him hard. Instead of this, you must think that how hard the pervert is hurting you with that. If he can get bothered with those ten minutes, then it is not a big deal. Think that he has not even left the free space for you to break the connection.

Adam’s apple

Adam’s apple is a feature that helps in the separation of men from women. But along with that, it is one of the most vulnerable parts of the male body. If you want to prevent yourself from the perverts, then the best way is by hitting him on his Adam’s apple with the balled fist.

Another method is to use the sharp or hard object that you have on you then you can hit him using that object. It will help you disable him for at least five seconds. It is best to scream for help in that period.

Gouge the eyes

Well, the idea of gouging the eyes will work only if your opponent is bespectacled, but it will be effective the most if the pervert is without the glasses. As long as they will try to open the eyes, you should wallop him somewhere else or try to hurt him at some other body part so that they will not try to beat you. In the meantime, you can get your gateway to feel secure and run away for help. The technique may let you feel disgusting or icky but it will work a lot.