Hypothetical vs Practical Life


Hypothetical vs Practical Life-These days, social media platforms have created a hypothetical world for everyone for us where we use to see our imaginative thoughts. Those thoughts are entirely different from our normal daily lifestyle. What we see on these websites are never possible in practical life and are completely opposite. Have a look at some of these situations-

1) Being in a relationship
Being a couple and how a relationship goes on a daily basis is just the reverse of how it is depicted through pictures. In real life, there will be fights, small arguments, and regular life without any excitement or surprises, etc. whereas, on these platforms, the pictures show only the bright side of a relationship.

Hypothetical vs Practical Life
2) Hanging Out with friends
This seems to be so interesting when we see it any picture or a picture of friends and people surrounded by which is uploaded by any of your friends has forced you to wish a life like that because you know that hanging out with your friends can be boring especially in the era of 21st century where gadgets are the best friends of human.

Hypothetical vs Practical Life
3) Initiating a conversation with a stranger
As the picture depicts that in the hypothetical world it seems to be very similar to start a conversation with a stranger especially if they are your crush whereas in real life it feels so awkward to even initiate the conversation.

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4) How do people sleep?
In movies or pictures, it has been shown as sleeping with etiquettes i.e. sleeping peacefully with a smile and mouth closed whereas, in reality when an individual sleeps they really don’t care about their posture or facial expressions even most of them sleep with open mouth.

Hypothetical vs Practical Life
5) Even the stereotypes are fake
One can have a look at both the pictures and can easily point out the difference between the stereotypes at both places.

Hypothetical vs Practical Life
6) Fake presentation of the assets
For becoming the coolest personality one tries to show off even beyond the limits. They can do anything to prove themselves as the best one.

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Hypothetical vs Practical Life
7) Faking the nature
This picture exactly represents the difference between both the seasons i.e. autumn in hypothetical situations and autumns in reality.