I Tried 6 Cheap Hacks For A Flawless Cat Eye — Here’s The Winner


Hacks For A Flawless Cat Eye-Cat eyes are on the top of the best eyes and suits almost on everyone but Applying eyeliner for cat eye is pretty difficult to do without any external help as it needs a lot more stability, patience and time than your regular eyeliner. To achieve the amazing and flawless cat eye you have to follow the steps of applications which are briefly described below.

6 Cheap Hacks For A Flawless Cat Eye

 A business card

Flawless Cat Eye

If you want the flawless cat eye then business cards are the easiest option as they are easily available and are easy to handle as well as would probably give you the best cat eyes.

Praise be: The business card is light and comfortable to hold, and I don’t feel like a total joke while doing this.

Flawless Cat Eye

As mentioned above they are easy to handle. We all have been gone through the situation when your both eyes eyeliner do not match and it is pretty frustrating. Just some changes in the angling of the business card and then you will be able to get that sensual cat eyes.

And when used right, it WORKS. Legitimately, this is my DREAM CAT EYE.

When you are using a business card you could use any type of eyeliner whether it is a liquid eyeliner or creamy eyeliner for creamy eyeliner you will need an angled brush. Put the card in the corner of your eyes, along with the water line and find the perfect angle (it could be 45-degree angle).

It’s quick, it doesn’t stick to my face, and it lets me make my wings as big or as little as I please. DING DING, we have a winner.

Now start lining it, they should continue from the waterline and keep it long as much as you want to and business card will surely help in keeping the line lengths and straight keep the shape of the eyeliner as according to the shape and size of your eyes to prevent it from looking weird or dramatic.

Who would have thought that I’d come out of a household-hacks post with an actual success?

This way of getting a flawless cat eye is way easier than any other method and will surely help you out in the struggle you face every day with your eyeliner and would probably take a few minutes.