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7 Things You Did Not Know About Ice!


Best ice therapies for your face. Your skin may not be your biggest asset, but it is very crucial to keep it healthy. Ice therapy can be pretty relaxing and soothing. You will just need ice and ice for cryotherapy, and it is very easy to prep it too.

  • Try this therapy only on a cleansed face.
  • Use gloves to hold ice cubes. It protects your hand if the facial is going to take a little longer.
  • Do not use ice directly on your face. Cover it with a cloth when you massage your skin
  • For reducing acne or swollen eyes, ice cubes work well.
  • Apply ice to your body for 1 hour or so for avoiding skins.
  • You can always infuse cucumber, green tea or horsetail to magnify the benefits of using an ice-cube.

# 2. Getting soft skin

7 ice therapies for your face

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# 3. Getting rid of acne

7 ice therapies for your face

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# 4. Reducing wrinkles

7 ice therapies for your face

Ice helps with improving blood circulation and also fights aging or wrinkles. Before applying makeup, massage your face with ice for some time, to protect your skin.

# 5. Fighting open pores

7 ice therapies for your face

To fix the enlarged open pores within a few days’ time, rub an ice cube for 3 minutes on your skin.

# 6. Getting rid of puffy eyes

7 ice therapies for your face

Woke up with puffy eyes? Ice can rescue you. Wrap two cubes in a cloth and rub it or massage it gently on those inflamed areas for 2 minutes. Circular motions would help you fix the situation.

# 7. Combatting belly fat


Place an ice pack on your tummy for 15 minutes instead of hitting a cryotherapy session. Keep it off for 3 minutes and then repeat the process. You can always infuse tea, coffee and rosemary with these ice packs. The ice will help convert the fat white cells into brown ones which can be easily burnt through metabolism. Combine this with a healthy exercise for quick results.