Perfuming, fake or real?

Perfuming, fake or real?

How to identify fake perfume? Imagine yourself stranded outside the cosmetic shop, eyeing all the scents from a distance. Many of the alluring bottles might have already left you in awe. Each perfume gives out its refreshing aroma. Now, you are left confused about which one to buy for yourself or gift your dear ones. How do you decide on that?

Well, perfumes and deodorants are something that you need in every season, come what the occasion be. Be it the hot, humid weather that makes you yearn for it, or a moment of courting, these scents never leave your side. Honestly, all of us admire the natural fragrance you carry, but these artificial smells save you from turning into an ugly mess.

Your first attention while purchasing perfume should be on its originality. Wasting your savings on an over expensive fake product is quite dumb. Therefore, when you ardently wish to buy perfume, be true to yourself and get the real ones. You can apply the following rules to differentiate between the authentic and the counterfeit.

#1 Note the seam

note the seam

When picking up your scents, head for the ones showing perfect stitching on its outer plastic covering. It is a sign of its authenticity. At the same time, take your eyes off the pieces with excess glue on its seam, or those displaying uneven and 5mm full unattractive seals. It signals a feature of the bogus scent.

#2 The wrapping tells you all

the wrapping tells you all

The outer cellophane packing of a real perfume is thick and folded without any defect. In this way, it can stick to the box entirely. On the other hand, you can make out the dummy perfumes with its unmindful wrapping pattern.

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#3 Label matters

label matters

When making a go at your desired scent, don’t overlook the inscriptions and labels on the bottle cover. At the bottom part, you would find a gold circle with two arrows pointing in different directions. The one directing to the right should be more broad and dark than the arrow pointing to the left. Also, it would be worthwhile if you can match the details on the package with that on the official website of the company.

#4 Match the serial number

match the serial number


Make sure that the serial number on the pack is inscribed or inked on its base. It should be the same as that indicated on the spray bottle. Further, this unique coding will also be imprinted on the bottom of the bottle, and never glued on it. You can quickly catch out on the knockoff in this manner.

#5 Mind the packaging

identify fake perfume-How to tell if your fragrance is real or fake

Even if the seller corners you from noticing the paperboard and excuses from your prompt doubts, never return with a sham. Always double check on the packaging material. Note that its color should be white, and not even dull grey. According to the shape of the container, the bottom of the cover has a particular construction suited for it. It helps keep your perfume in position and protects it from any damage.

#6 Dotting on the design

identify fake perfume-How to tell if your fragrance is real or fake


Many of the sneaky manufacturers tend to copy similar design to confuse them with their original high-quality counterparts. It saves the miscreants from any distress later on. Nonetheless, you can decide among the weird shapes and sizes of the scent containers by examining them thoroughly.

#7 Look at the bottle cap

identify fake perfume-How to tell if your fragrance is real or fake

You should be wondering how to point out the unrealistic spray from its cap. Yes, you can do it, and it is straightforward as well. The original creation would exhibit asymmetrical cap. That is, to say if you imagine it to divided into two halves from the center, then whatever you see on the left-hand side should complement the design on its right too.

#8 Quality bottle

identify fake perfume-How to tell if your fragrance is real or fake

If you are capable enough to select the authentic product from the rest, then the neck and body of the bottle would be of superior quality. It would have a smooth and see-through surface. In contrast, a counterfeit bottle would show off its contour and ruggedness.

#9 Colouring right

identify fake perfume-How to tell if your fragrance is real or fake

You might have noticed that pure products are lighter in colour than the others. It is because they avoid harming you with the addition of strong dyes, that can frequently be observed in those bought from the flea markets. The darker shade of the perfume directly points to its dupe.

These, then, were just a few points to help you figure out the make-believe from the Simon-pure spray brands.

Come on now, give up on your swap meet. Go, select the pure grade perfume body spray. Let your fragrance do the talking!