11 Signs Differentiating between Fake and Original


Fake vs original products-In today’s world, there has been the appearance of fake products in a large amount for easy money-making or for providing top brands first copy available to middle and lower-class people. But at many places, these first copies are sold at an original price for easy money making by blindfolding the people. To minimize this situation on should be aware of the difference between the fake and original products of a particular brand. We have compiled the top 11 products that are fake and are being sold in the original market along with the difference which will mark them as a fake product. Just have a look at these pictures-

1) Mac cosmetics can be identified through the label mentioned on the packing box or the quality difference in their product and symbol mentioned.

2) Scanning the QR code or difference in the buttons can mark the difference between UGG shoes.

3) Michael Kors bags can be differentiated based on their markings.

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4) Every single original jewelry of Pandora comprises of ALE engraved in it.

Fake vs original: 11 signs difference between the fake and original products