Illustrations about being single girl-Majority of people relate being single with being lonely. They think that only relationships can make you enjoy your life. But, if you value yourself enough, you will not think that way. That’s because you know your worth and you feel lucky to enjoy your own company and your personal space.

A Korean artist,  Aeppol, has shown just that in her cute illustrations. She has perfectly depicted what it is like for a girl to be single and on her own. After seeing these, you will experience a feeling of realisation that being single is nothing but beautiful!

Illustrations about being single girl

There is nothing like enjoying a morning coffee all by yourself.

illustrations about being single girl

Eventually, you learn to take care of yourself.

Involving those who matter in your celebrations

Those cosy Sunday afternoons

All you have got is love!

Cooking for yourself, by yourself

Contemplating your life in peace

Pets are your best friends!

The perfect stress buster bath!

Enjoying a day out with your pet

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You are not alone; you are in the company of your pet

Enjoying the beauty of rain all by yourself!

Your pets are your little-helping hands

Enjoying the little things in life like those tasty macaroons!

Realizing how beautiful you are is incomparable.

Enlightening yourself

She says, “The world that I do not know is extensive inside the book.

I might look small in that world,

but I feel that my small thoughts are slightly growing

as I gain knowledge with each of the book[s].”

Weren’t these illustrations mesmerising? We hope that after seeing this, you will realize how blessed you are to be able to enjoy your personal space.