Inside References That Only A True Disney Fan Can Recognize.


True disney fan can find the reference-Disney movies are everyone’s favourite. We have all grown up watching Disney movies and the kid in us still loves watching them even now. There is something so special about Disney movies. It would be an understatement to call them legendary.

Do you know that these movies require the makers to work constantly for years to produce just one movie? Yes, that’s the amount of effort it requires, and that’s why we love them even more. If you are a true Disney fan, you might have noticed the following jokes and inside references that can be found in Disney movies.

True disney fan can find the reference

1. Those Mickey’s ears!

True disney fan can find the reference

Mickey Mouse is Disney’s first and signature cartoon character. A glimpse of Mickey’s ears can be found in Raja’s ear from the movie ‘Aladdin.’

2. Hercules

Do you see The Lion King reference here?

3.Beauty and the beast

You might not be able to get this one. Well, the sign says Anaheim and Valencia. The original Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California, and Valencia. Hence, this sign.

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4.Sherlock Holmes reference

Basil of Baker Street resided at the same address of the world-famous Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes also inspired his name!

5. Tangled

Can you spot the Pinocchio?

6. Dumbo

WDP Circus= Walt Disney Circus, if you were wondering!

7.The Little Mermaid

Got the Cinderella resemblance here?

8. Fox and the hound

The same squirrel from The Sword and the Stone!

9. The Rescuers

Bambi and his mother.

10. The jungle book

Bambi’s mother, again.

So, did you turn out to be a true Disney fan? Let us know in the comments section below!