Illustrations showing the beautiful side of love!!


If you follow movies, you might be of the thought that true love can be expressed only through grand gestures or singing from the rooftops. However, real love can also be shown in our day-to-day lives. Illustrator and concept artist Amanda portrays these beautiful everyday experiences which depict what being in love feels like.

Amanda’s drawings are full of warm, cozy colors, and they illustrate the many relatable, loved-up experiences of a modern relationship.There nothing fancy in these illustrations because The illustrator tries to capture the shared everyday experiences of couples in love.

Amanda just graduated from animation school, and now she aims to “work harder to warm your hearts with more illustrations next year!”

1.Netflix and chill

2.A little eye contact id enough to make you fall in love all over again!

3.And if you are in love, you might

4.Helping each other out

5.Taking care of them when they fall sick.

6.Helping each other with those pimples.

7.The joy of eating together.

8.Things which seemed gross are not gross anymore.


9.Taking care of your child together is the best feeling

10. You love is pure.


11.Sundays are about the cuddles.

12.One thing is for sure that you’ve got each other’s back!