18 Photos portraying the day-to-day struggle of a woman’s life.


There are various day-to-day struggles which women face in their everyday life. These struggles cannot be understood by men at any cost. Whether it’s the fact that you’ve just finished a favorite piece of makeup, or you’ve had a mishap with your outfit, only a woman can feel other woman’s pain.

Here are 18  such struggles that every girl can relate to. We feel your pain!

1.Broken makeup is a sign of broken heart!

2.When the belt loops of your jeans decide to pop right off.

3.When you can’t find clothes in your size.

4.The struggle of eating with your lipstick on.

5.The choice is really hard!

6. Nothing can be compared with the pain you experience when your nail breaks.

7.The day you wash your hair, your bathroom is like this

8.There are no words for this

9.When your new pair of sheer pantyhose is ruined within a day

10. When you fear smudging your mascara

11. When you forget that you had your makeup on.

12. When you can’t find the perfect elastic band.

13.When you can’t do simple tasks such as opening a can because… your nails!

14.The struggle of wearing ripped jeans.

15.When you can’t fit in your jeans anymore.

16.When even gaining weight is a struggle for some of you

17.When your bra tries to stab you in the heart.

18. Smudging your nailpolish before it dries is a real struggle!