Perhaps you noticed in the statistics of your stories that they were viewed by unknown people.  Of course, you are interested in this, and even if this person is not very attractive to you, you went to his page.  You may not do that, but a lot of people check who has watched their stories several times an hour, and they know the name of everyone who did it.

People are talking about masslooking stories of Instagram louder and louder: both as a new trend and as an open loophole.  What is it?  These are software or services that allow your account to view people’s stories – the reach can be configured up to two hundred thousand per day!  You may have different options, but we suggest you stop at

What do Instagram masslooking give us?

And they give us natural activity: people will switch to the account, and not dozens, but quite hundreds and thousands!  As a result, we get the coverage of posts, and likes, and referrals to our site – and other targeted actions.  The best part is that we get a tangible increase in sales.

How it works

  1. You view stories.  Story views will be done at a very high speed: up to 300,000 views per day, it’s about 9 million a month.
  2. User notices you.  Most Instagram users check people who view their stories.
  3. User visits you.  As a user doesn’t know you, they’d like to know who you are and why you visited their page, they’ll visit your profile.
  4. User reacts.  If your profile is somewhat interesting to a new visitor, they’ll react to your attention and do something in return.  It will be a follow at best, a story view at worst.  It often happens that a person brought into this way likes 10–20 posts and writes some comments in your feed.


As a result, your profile activity becomes organic, and you bring into thousands of real users.  These people are interested in you, they’re not just passing by, because our analysts personalize the audience exactly for you.  All you have to take care of is content, which will draw in more and more people.

Why us

Personalization.  Personalized work on every profile.  No templates.  An effective promotion plan specifically for you.

Guarantees.  If you don’t see results by the end of the month, we’ll refund you your money.

Instagram: we draw a conclusion

How to Increase Story Views on Instagram? knows the answer: it’s just fire!  Up to one hundred thousand views of stories a day, and this is not a ceiling!  What is important: after the service has viewed the stories of everyone, everyone, it will go over and over again, in a circle.  Thus, a simulation of your interest in this account is completely created, therefore, which will cause reverse interest.  Auto-browsing Instagram stories is an interesting and legal way to increase activity on your insta account, it’s not just a cheat.  It really works, a great tool.