Learning how to start an internal communication podcast might be your company’s solution to engaging employees. It is easy to create, not expensive, and more interactive than conventional emails and newsletters. 

Of course! The benefits of an internal podcast are fascinating. But how do you get started?

That’s what this guide explains. Before then, visit https://www.podbean.com/enterprise/enterprise-podcast-solution for our recommended internal communications podcast solution.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of an internal company podcast and tips for starting yours. 

What is an internal communication podcast?

An internal communication podcast is an engaging means of communicating with your employees using audio content on a secured hosting platform. 

Internal company podcasts are pretty much like the radio podcasts you listen to unless it’s not public. The content is strictly for employees or members of staff within an organization. Hence, starting a corporate podcast for communication is a great way to keep all employees updated. 

Benefits of internal communication podcasts

Here are our top reasons to start an internal communication podcast today: 

1. Cost-effective 

Using podcasts in large companies for communications is cost-effective. You only need to procure good recording and editing equipment. These include your microphone, headphones, audio mixer, editing software, and maybe a mic stand. Quality recording equipment determines the audio quality. 

You should also check out the choice of hosting platform. Some podcast sites like Podbean allow you to start for free before upgrading to paid packages. 

2. More convenient 

Another benefit of using podcasts for internal communications is their convenience. They are easy to record during your leisure time and swiftly accessible to employees too. Even with tight schedules, employees can always listen to podcasts while multitasking. 

Internal employee podcasts also minimize the chances of screen fatigue. Zoom meetings, Google meets, email newsletters, etc., all happen on the screen. Hence, taking time off to listen to company communication podcasts can give employees that much-needed break. 

3. Connection with remote teams

Keeping tabs on your global remote team can sometimes be difficult, considering factors like different time zones. Only some can get on the same video call since it falls in the odd-hour zone and time gap.

Hence, it takes a lot of following-up to ensure everyone is updated. Starting an internal communication podcast solves all that. You connect with your team like they are around with excellent corporate podcast ideas. 

4. Employment training & development

Employees’ training and development is another reason to start an internal communication podcast today. Day-to-day business activities can sometimes be time-consuming to organize employment training programs. 

However, an internal employee podcast solves that. You can use it to define fundamental learning objectives. Besides, it allows you to use instructional modes like storytelling to explain rather complex ideas better. 

5. Enhanced analytics 

Asides from supplementing the existing learning management system, companies can use an internal communication podcast to monitor consumption metrics of learning materials. Excellent podcast hosting platforms provide real-time analytics of how your employees engage the company’s learning management systems, LMS

You realize areas that require improvements and introduce podcast episodes to complement such training materials. 

6. Secured communication platform

Security of internal company details is one of the benefits of podcast communications. When using podcasts in large companies for communications, you want to ensure vital company information does not get to the public.

That’s what reliable hosting platforms offer. Your corporate podcast ideas are encrypted using SSO login for only authorized employees. 

How to start an internal communication podcast

Now that you understand the benefits of an internal communication podcast. How do you get started? We’ve outlined simple, easy steps to follow. 

1. Have an objective

Don’t just rush and start an internal company podcast because statistics say it’s becoming the next big thing. Ask yourself: what internal communication podcast goals do I aim to achieve? How does starting a corporate podcast solve existing communication challenges?

If you answered that, you would know what type of internal employee podcast is needed and the best approach to get started. 

2. Plan your podcast episodes

Now that you have a focal objective of making an internal company podcast for communication purposes, the next thing is to start planning. Start with a podcast name that depicts the goal. You must also write the scripts for the next three to five episodes. 

It helps eliminate the pressure of keeping up with podcast release schedules. One more thing – have a consistent upload schedule. Let employees know exactly when to expect a new episode. 

3. Get quality recording equipment

One more additional tip on how to launch your internal company podcast for communication? 

Use quality recording equipment! It might sound like what you already know, but poorly recorded audio content is a big turnoff. While you might not go to a recording studio, ensure you greatly minimize external noise. Also, search for quality microphones and recording software. Avoid using an in-built computer microphone; try to purchase a dynamic microphone with a pop filter.

4. Invest in good editing software

A big mistake is launching a newly recorded internal communication podcast without editing. There could be an error, background noise, misconstrued sentences, etc. Of course, some hosts have perfected podcasting that they rarely mistake, but one poor internal employee podcast can mean a lot.

Besides, editing corporate podcast ideas is beyond removing unwanted parts. It also involves elevating the podcast with sound and background music. 

5. Decide on a hosting platform 

The choice of a hosting platform matters when starting an internal corporate podcast for communications. With many top options, you need to pick the one that offers the best features. Choosing a hosting medium that provides recording and sharing on the same platform would be convenient. 

Internal communications podcast ideas demand privacy, and your hosting platform should provide that. Integrating with encrypted SSO login restricts access to only the company’s employees. You can also set access levels depending on the staff’s position, department or location. 

6. Pick a suitable podcast format

How do you want to record the internal communication podcast ideas series? A solo-host format where you address crucial company matters? Or would it be an interview session with an invited employee? Maybe a scripted narrative would do? 

You need to decide on how to make the company’s internal podcast. Put your employees in mind and choose a format that resonates with them.


Have you decided how an internal company podcast would boost your company communications? You are ready to launch your first set of internal employee podcast episodes. 

We have explained the benefits of starting a corporate podcast. Follow our guides to get started. More importantly, be sure that you pick an excellent hosting platform and use the analytic metrics to evaluate podcast performance.