A Japanese Artist Reveals Feelings That Reside Inside Each Of Us Just The Right Way And His Works Are Unbelievable!


Japanese illustrator who represents the feelings -Art is the best way to express anything and everything. The Japanese artist, Mimi M, also uses art as the tool at her disposal and displays the wildest of the emotions that many people are scared to admit to each other and in some cases even to themselves.

As a part of the Sun Project, she successfully lays down all of the extreme behaviours of humans in a real light. She is not going to disappoint you with these outstanding portrayals, and I am here to introduce you to this talented artist’s work.

Notice if you find a piece of yourselves staring back at you in these pictures. So let us begin without further ado.

Japanese illustrator who represents the feelings

Every little thing you say

Japanese illustrator who represents the feelings

Every little thing you usher, be it good or bad, is going to be used against you by some of the nasty people around us. And believe me when I say that there is not a shortage of such people in the world. Be prepared for the harsh journey that life is sometimes going to offer you but remember at the end of it all, it will be all in all a beautiful journey.


The newest edition of that smartphone, the latest version of that car and a big mansion are not going to bring you all the happiness in the world. It is the presence of loved ones around us, the warmth of their love, the feeling that you are not alone, is going to complete you as a human being and not those worldly things that you aspire to achieve. I am not saying that is bad to have these things in your life, but it is unacceptable to lament away your whole life in the want of this materialism.

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Comfort me

We have surrounded ourselves with all too many gadgets to such an extent that life sometimes seems impossible without them. We have confined ourselves to a limited room from which anything cannot be taken away. Sometimes we depend too much on machines and forget the human inside us can do the same things but with achieving all the comforts, there are we have become lazy and too dependant on gadgets.


Okay, I don’t care what you say, but I know that every single one of us procrastinates. Are you telling me that back when were Netflix-ing and chilling *winks*, you did not have a shit ton of work already to complete? Stop bluffing yourselves because we have all been there, done that.

Hey, and a little procrastination never hurt anybody except if tomorrow is your test and you are watching “just one more episode” of Game of Thrones.


Well, among all these deep feelings, love can never be left behind. It is the most beautiful of the experiences that you are going to encounter in your life when you finally end up with your special someone.

Get used to it

Well, this picture can be interpreted in many ways. She seems to be cutting the strings of her heart with the help of which she wears the fake masks. Every time the mask gets hurt a part of her heart is destroyed. How did you interpret it? Didn’t it just hit you in the feels?

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There are some forbidden rules in every society we live in and that society wants us to mould it into its very own shape and form. It is like manufacturing machines as one can’t be different in opinion, thoughts or other things from the others.

We are presumed to follow a set pattern that feels the right fit of the society and never in our wildest dreams the society let us differ or retract from its unwritten regulations.


Some people are always going to be against a person who is achieving success and is living his/her life just the way they want. There are people that you are going to meet at every turn of your life who try to bring you down but never forget that you have an enormous strength to bring yourselves up where you were and continue your journey with some new scars.


Comparing different people is a crime committed not only by our loved ones but also by ourselves. It is the worst thing you can do to a person. Do not sit comparing the achievements of different people because all the individuals have had their journey, their thorns and their own experiences which cannot be compared. Do not waste a second comparing either someone else or yourself with anybody, use that time to better yourself.


Enviousness is the most bitter emotion you are going to feel. Do not be jealous of someone else’s works or achievements but rather work on yourselves every day to make yourself an independent, strong and most importantly a happy individual.

Talking to myself

We all talk to ourselves, and there is no big deal about it. Sometimes you can be your saviour, and it’s just the treatment you need. Sometimes alone, away from all the chaos is essential for you as you need to spend some quality time with yourselves because it is in these moments that you make the most significant decisions of your life or heal the biggest of the wounds that you had from ages.

A good child

Some people, even parents, set a landmark for a child to be called “good”. You have to be at the top academically, hail many achievements in other activities and have to be masters of some rare skills.

You do not have an opinion, and you do as a person tells you to do. You do not have a say even in the most prominent decisions of yourself. You are just a toy in the person’s hand, and that’s what makes you a perfect child.

I want to ask the society that how are they going to help progress someone’s future if their hands are tied to their backs, mouth shut and their legs dancing to the tunes of a set pattern.

How did you like the portrayals of this talented artist? She is insanely talented, and I wish her all the very best in everything that she chooses to do. How did you guys interpret these images because everyone will understand these in their unique way? Do not forget to add your interpretations to the comment section below.