Some Hacks to Turn Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Super Gadget


Mind-blowing smartphone hacks-Smartphones have become one of the basic needs in this high-tech world. Anything you want to do, be it leisure or working or let’s be honest stalking someone on Facebook,

can be done with this little device. Any information you want you can just surf the internet for some time and there you have it. However, even when the smartphone has gained a critical position in our lives, still we fail to be aware of some of the outstanding tricks that your phone offers just at your fingertips.

There are so many of these tricks embedded in your phone that you can take a benefit of and if you want to find out some of these, then continue reading. So today I am going to take down on these tricks and be sure that you will be using them in your day-to-day life. So here is the list of some tricks that you can make your smartphone do for you.

Mind-blowing smartphone hacks

Aeroplane mode to boost a signal

Mind-blowing smartphone hacks

Aeroplane mode can be a God sent feature for you guys out there who are on the internet all the time, like me. The weak signals can get on our nerves sometimes, and I hate it If I have to go around the place like a nomad searching for a place where the signals are active.

Well, you do not need to do that anymore as this mode will do the work for you. If you are stuck in this situation when your cellular connection drops to a new low, then you merely need to switch your phone to the aeroplane mode for two-three seconds and let it do its work.

When you finally shift back to the regular mode, it will resolve the issue as the phone will get connected to the nearest signal tower which will give you a much better signal.

Good sound on a video

Mind-blowing smartphone hacks

You might have noticed that whenever you record a video, be it outside or in the comforts of your home there is always some unwanted hissy noises that ruin the video. There is a hack to solve this misery also; you just want to cover the speakerphone with your hand and position it towards the source of the sound, and there you have it, a good sound quality. The ambient noises all around you will now not be able to make their way to the videos.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Typing fast can be hard in some situations. You do not want to waste an hour to type a long message. So the trick for this issue is to create several keyboard combinations for specific frequently used phrases or words. For example, there are always long email signatures or email addresses. If you want to save your precious time that is spent on typing a long email address, this little trick will come in handy at that time.

Taking a photo using earphones

How do you take a selfie and avoid getting your big fat hands in the way of a good picture? Well, if you have an iPhone, you can use your earphones and just plug in those into the device, open the camera and take a good shot by clicking on the volume button on the earphone cords.

Do not forget to experiment with different angles and having a little too much fun. Step a little away from your phone which should be placed on and supported by something, and click all the shots you need.

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Turn off ads

If you use free apps such as games, which most of us do, we get annoyed by all the advertisements that pop up between different levels. Now, if you also want to get rid of these adds you just need a teeny-tiny trick. Switch your smartphone to aeroplane mode and enjoy playing all your favourite games add-free. See, the aeroplane mode is too good a feature, right?

A smartphone in place of glasses

Now all the fellas with glasses have to admit that they forget their glasses at home once in a while, or is it just me? Or maybe you just can’t see too well. Your smartphone can even help you with this problem. You just need to open the camera app and point it to the necessary object to see it properly through the screen. For example- Price tags in a shop or the number of an approaching car, whatever it is your smartphone will help you see it much clearer.

Self-made stylus

Yeah, you read it right, you can make a stylus in your house. If you or your children like spending the leisure time on a drawing app then this is just the right trick for you. You don’t have to go and purchase an expensive stylus, use the side of a regular dead battery marked with “-” instead. And there you have it, your very own homemade stylus.

Energy saving mode

We have all tried many tricks for making the battery last as long as possible. You have already turned your notifications off, turned the brightness down, stopped using widgets and turned off the vibrations but still,

the battery is sucked out too quickly. There is one more trick that you can use, i.e. to set a black background (for AMOLED displays). The screen will only light up colour pixels and therefore the more black pixels there are, the more life there is left on your smartphone.

How to quickly find your phone

How many of you have gone ” Call me on my mobile, I don’t seem to find it” when your phone has been dropped into the darn Bermuda triangle or something? Well, you do not have to use that ever again as long as you follow this trick.

Use the Google Device Manager instead, from another device, a laptop maybe, to send a sound signal to your phone. Your phone would not stop buzzing and ringing until you find the darn thing. iPhone users can go for a similar app known as Find iPhone.

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