Learn How To Contour Your Nose Step by Step


Contour Your Nose-Mastering the art of contouring the nose is not a child’s play. Many women skip this part to avoid further complications, but it is essential to realize that contouring your nose is as important as applying a concealer especially for women with blunt features. Don’t worry ladies. This article is your savior. We will guide you through the steps to get your nose done just right.

Steps To Contour Your Nose

Step 1

Step To Contour Your Nose

There is no shortage of products on the market. Almost all renowned brands have contouring products such as Matte bronzer, brow brush, an eyeshadow brush, etc. which can be used to contour your nose. However, you are recommended to select a color that is 1-2 shades darker than your original skin tone.

Step 2


Apply the required amount of foundation all over your face and neck. Do not forget your ears. Now draw two straight lines on the sides of your nose as shown in the image. Next, with an angled brush draw the contour lines from your brow bone to the end of your nose.

Step 3


Now to bridge your nose use a highlighter which again should be 1-2 shades darker than your original skin tone. Starting right from the top of your nose just apply a thin line. Do make it a point to keep it thin because it would help on emphasizing on the bridge.

Step 4


If you have a thick or wide nose tip, it is advised to apply the highlighter to the halfway. Go for a nude shade in case of eyeshadow. Also, there are specific highlighters available in the market for contouring your nose.

Step 5

Last but not least, blend the lines with a sponge or a blender brush. Make sure you do not wipe away both the lines. Otherwise, the very purpose of contouring would be lost.

Without going through a massive change in your looks, you can derive the best results if you correctly follow the steps mentioned above. Do make sure that you do not over-do it.