Here’s what the Colour of your Outfit reveals about you


Colour plays a significant part in exposing some mysterious facts or exploring something new about you. All of us have that one colour which we used to wear frequently that’s maybe our favourite colour which has covered almost the entire wardrobe. Here we have listed nearly every colour and what do they tell about you. Just check it out.

1) Blue
Apart from grey and black, wearing a blue colour outfit can give you a much more professional look. According to a Career Builder survey, out of 2099 applicants, 23% of them believed that this colour is most suitable for job interviews. It signifies confidence, relaxation which look like a cool and calm person.

2) Red
Red is the colour of love and romance. It denotes passion, anger, threat, and liveliness. If you select to wear this colour, then this means you wish to attract someone. Also wearing this colour can fill you with positive vibes.

3) Grey
Grey colour is an unbiased colour. It symbolizes non-conflict or calm behaviour. If you wish to blend with the crowd, then you should try grey. People who wear this colour are hard-working.

4) Purple
This colour represents power and position. It also describes characteristic behaviour and along with it, you are the type of person who does not change themselves under the influence of social pressure. You are ready to face any obstacle and are always filled with positive energy.

5) Black
With its versatility, it can represent elegance, confidence at one stage and darkness or grief at another phase. It is also associated with fierceness, non-conformity, and rebellion.

6) Green
This colour represents security, creativity, and moderation of an individual. It also symbolizes self-respect and well-being. If you are a nature lover and are in search of purification of your body, mind, and soul, then you will choose to wear this colour frequently.

7) White
White represents purity and simplicity. Those people who are born-perfectionists and love to their work in a certain way, such people will select white as their outfit colour. They also comprise of high self-esteem.

8) Yellow
As we all know that yellow is the colour of happiness and those people who are energetic, enthusiasts will choose this colour suitable for their outfit. Such people also possess extrovert nature and high social life.