Do you know all our body parts are interconnected? For instance, if you have a pain in your feet then it can be felt by your brain or if you apply some sort of oil in your navel then it can glow your face? Similarly, your hands are interconnected by your organs. Each and every nerve from your hand is connected to a specific organ. Treating a disease through these nerves is known as acupuncture or acupressure.
It is also known as reflexology which is a branch of medical science. Many people believe that it is much better for a treatment of disease as it helps in relieving pain at a much faster rate. This can be due to the direct connection between our hands and organs. Here are some main points of hands are listed below:

1) The Thumb
Thumb has a direct effect on the heartbeat. By rubbing or pressing your thumb you can decrease your heartbeat and can breathe more easily.

2) The Forefinger
By pressing your forefingers and rubbing it for 60 seconds you can treat your constipation or can reduce the abdomen pain as the nerve through the forefinger is directly connected to your stomach.

3) The Middle finger
This finger is directly connected to our respiratory system, blood system, heart and small intestine. If you experience dizziness, nausea, or insomnia just try to rub your middle finger.

4) The Ring Finger
Massaging this finger can release depression and results in peaceful and relaxed feeling. Therefore, if you ever feel mood swings or if you feel low then try to rub this finger.

5) The Pinky Finger
Our kidney, neck and head are connected with this small finger. Massaging this finger will relieve headaches and neck pain and will also keep our kidney in a healthy position.

6) The Palms
Palm is directly related to our blood circulation. Clapping your hands can improve your blood circulation which can benefit our nervous system too.