Here is What Shape of your Face Reveals about your Personality


You will be surprised that by observing facial patterns you can know various mysterious things about your personality, future and your health. Reading of facial patterns is an ancient Chinese technique for revealing about one’s personality. It is believed that this technique of reading face is an old methodology which is based on philosophical thoughts which can be done by the expressions of an individual.
Basically, this method is used to map an individual’s true nature, health and inherited potential. This method also helps in answering several questions such as “Are they trustworthy?” “Are they hard-working?” or “Will they result in a faithful partner or as a loving parent?”
For performing this method, a Chinese practitioner uses a facial map and compares it with the elements of earth, metal, wood, water and fire as these 5 elements together represents the face.
Physiognomy is the practice of reading facial features to understand the actual behaviour of an individual and their destiny for which they are meant to be. This includes the colour of the skin, shape etc.

1) Eyes

Narrow-lidded person: considered to be less emotional and more professional.
Deep-set eye & a large upper eyelid: These people are more emotional in nature.
Lower eyelid curve: Represents that a person is honest with nature.
Wide-apart eyes: Signifies that the person is visionary.
Narrow-distance eyes: Person is well-oriented and has a balanced life.

2) Eyebrows

Thicker eyebrows: Represent creativity of a person.
Thick at the initial point of eyebrow: Good at initial point
Higher, above eyes: Such people are more patient
Lower, below eyes: Such people are impatient in nature.

3) Ear size

Large Ears: They have good listening skills.
Small Ears: They are more interested in listening to themselves.
Ears at higher side: Indicates that a person is a fast learner.
Ears that stick outer side: These people are rebelliousness.

4) Nose

Larger nose tip: These people are better in planning.
Smaller nose tip: Such people are not interested in money.
Turned up: Impulsive in nature.
Larger Nostrils: Such people are careless in case of money handling.
The opening of nostrils is larger toward the tip of nose: Those who waste their money on others rather spending on themselves.
Nose thickness: These people are inclined towards the society and are socially active.
Long Nose: Possess leadership qualities.
Short Nose: Such people are hard-working in nature.

5) Cheek Bones

Chubby Cheeks: Gains more and more attraction from people as they are adorable in nature.
Larger Cheeks: Possess leadership qualities.
Prominent Cheek Bones: These people are bold and brave.
Wider Cheeks: These people are very confident.

6) Jaw and Chins

Small Jaw: They have a sensitive stomach and carries some health issue.
Wide Jaw: Such people are a good negotiator.
Jaw size: It determines the overall stamina.
Chin size: It determines aggressiveness. Larger the chin size, more aggressive a person is.
Narrow Chin: A person is physically weaker.
Round Chin: Such people can be easily affected by emotions.
Angular Chin: Such people are dominant in nature but are a kind of introvert too.

7) Mouth and Teeth

Large Mouth: Very much talkative in nature.
Licker Lips: More persuasive and sensual in nature.
Thinner Lips: Such people may conceal secrets or withholds information.
Crooked Teeth: These people have conflicted thoughts.
Smaller Teeth: Such people are generous in nature.
Overbite: These type of people are introvert in nature.

8) Dominant Facial Features
A dominant forehead signifies that a person thinks a lot.
A dominant mouth indicates that the person is sensual in nature.
A dominant nose represent that a person is very ambitious.
Prominent ears represent the introvert listeners.
Larger eyes and eyebrows represents charisma which naturally attracts people.