How Men Can Add Spark To Their Personality


How to look attractive men? Dressing up for men is simple. They are not as complicated as women. There is a lot that women can add to their dressing, but men have very few. In today’s article, some tips suggested for men to look attractive. Men should take care of all these things and can look even smarter. They are simple and small things which add a lot to their personality. Most of the times they overlook all these things in their dressing. To look attractive and fashionable is not that difficult. Take care of the following things and get a charming personality.

Rolling Up Sleeves

Look attractive men-How Men Can Add Spark To Their Personality?

Men look sexy in rolled-up sleeves. Rolled up sleeves looks good when you prefer to wear a wristwatch and long sleeves shirt. Long sleeves shirt puts difficulty in watching time and also makes the shirt cuffs dirty. Men who want to roll up their sleeves should take care of certain things like the folding should be tight, and it should be up to the elbow.

Simple t-shirts rather than printed ones.

Look attractive men-How Men Can Add Spark To Their Personality?

Printed shirts or t-shirts don’t put a good impact on girls. Girls are more likely to choose men who prefer to wear plain t-shirts. If you want to wear a t-shirt under your blazer or jacket, then do select a black or a white plain t-shirt. It makes you look sexy and smart. There is no need to waste your time on choosing a logo or printed t-shirts.

If you like to wear shirts rather than t-shirts, plain shirts will be advisable for you. Men in shirts look mature and sophisticated. Do not choose printed shirts in so many colors. Men with so many shades seem unattractive.

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Avoid Long Sleeves In T-Shirts

Look attractive men-How Men Can Add Spark To Their Personality?

Short sleeves t-shirts look smarter than sleeves with more length. Somebody wearing a t-shirt with long sleeves which is almost up to their elbow looks ugly and seems like they are wearing somebody’s t-shirt. If you are going to buy a t-shirt, then make sure its sleeves should be perfect.

Wearing Clothes with Wrinkles

Look attractive men-How Men Can Add Spark To Their Personality?

Wrinkled clothes always put a wrong impression on others. Ironing not considered mandatory while wearing casual shirts or t-shirts but if you want to wear formal or semi-formal shirts then it should be appropriately rolled. Men in wrinkled clothes look too shabby, and it also ruins their look.

The Wrong Fit Suit.

Businesspeople like to wear suits and formal clothes. It is mandatory that if you love to wear uniforms, then it should be of proper measurements and fits into your body shape. Wrong sized suits downsize your personality and image. The size of a lawsuit should not be too tight and too loose.

Buttoned jackets.

The open jacket is preferable then buttoned jackets. It is desirable to leave your coat open but in some cases if you want to button it up then close the upper one. Don’t close the lower buttons of your jacket.

Using Belt.


Belts and suspenders both meant for the same purpose, but these accessories cannot use at the same time.

Tucking your shirt in.


Short shirts make you look handsome and attractive if you left them out of your pants. But if the length of your shirt is too long, then it will be recommended to you that tuck it inside your pants. Lengthy shirts don’t look right outside the pants and make you look shabby. Those shirts which are meant to left out of pants must come down to half the length of your upper thighs.