It Can Ease Your Pain If You Will Hold Your Partner’s Hand


Love medicine can heal your pain-A loving touch by your partner comforts you in the hard times when you are in pain or sick along with the giving love and care. We can explain this fact in brief. A recent research study has done to reveal the answer to this fact that why the loving human touch is powerful for his partner as a medicine.

We also got curious to know how it is possible. Some of you may be very excited to see how this love medicine works. It is your love and care for your partner which you passionately show when your partner is in pain and feeling sick.

How love medicine can heal your pain?

Love medicine can heal your pain

It sounds very incredible that you have a romantic partner who holds your hand when you are in the pain which makes you feel better in your illness. The technique is called “love medicine.” This love medicine can heal your pain soon. Let us know through this article how this medicine works. We will explain the whole process to you of this natural remedy. Scientists have not considered this as a fact though they have demonstrated its working.

The only thing we need is love and caring and sincere human touch. A psychologist, Goldstein, he was studying the power of human contact. He discovered that there is a new side of love and he decided to experiment with this medicine with his wife during his daughter took birth. And later on, he researched the twenty couples in his lab throughout one year.

In his experiment, he found that when a couple is close to each other even without a loving touch, it causes the brainwaves synchronicity. It gets increased when the couples held their hands when the laboring women were in pain.

The brainwave activity got measured by electroencephalography.

During his experiment, he discovered one more thing. He found that the pain of the women interrupts this interpersonal brainwave synchronization between the couples and the loving touch brings this synchronization back.

So when your partner is in pain, you do not need to worry to touch your partner. You can feel your partner by love and care. Instead, your loving and caring touch will heal the pain of your partner, and it will prevent the synchronization between both of you from breaking by any disease.

It is not only the fact but a correct result of the experiment. Anyone from you can try this result right now if anyone from the couple is in pain. You only have to take his hand in your hands and hold it gently for a while with love and care. You may notice that there is a synchronizing between the heart rate and breathing of both of you. You even may not feel it, but it happens. Both of your’s heart rate and breathing get synchronized. Not only these both synchronized but also the brainwave of both of you gets synchronized and forms a connection.

For your sick and ill partner, you can also double its effect by feeling more empathy for him. They will feel better when you comfort them with love and caring feelings. The more both of you get synchronized, the better you will get the results.

It is the best way to ease the pain and illness of your partner soon with love and care. With your caring touch, you can feel your partner’s pain and passing your energy will give relief to them.

You people can share your experience in the comments below and tell have you ever noticed that you got relief from the pain when your partner touched you with love and care. It is the love and care of the partners for each other that helps to heal and ease the pain and illness of them. This love and care are called “Love medicine.” This love medicine works more effectively than the other medications that the doctor prescribe you for the treatment.

Let you have this your experience and tell us in the comments below.