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Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Like A Model


Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features-For achieving that pale complexion, Chinese and Greek women in olden times made powder from vinegar and lead. Traces of this powder were found during many archaeological diggings.

Today, there are so many more natural ways to achieve a beautiful look. You could look like a Greek Goddess or a beautiful Chinese woman. Try these tips to make the best use of your makeup.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Natural light is pretty essential for the room, but it is not as crucial when it comes to doing makeup. No matter what, how cloudy or sunny it is, never use sunlight as the source of light for your makeup. You see everything and enact more than usual if you look into the mirror in such circumstances.

Natural light gets refracted by the window and illuminates your face. This highlights the imperfections on your face which are not that noticeable. You might want to hide them, but it will only end up giving you a caky look.

Invest in a beautiful makeup mirror with light bulbs. This light will fall on your face directly and evenly. Pick neutral yellow or blue tones for the mirror.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Synthetic brushes can also be found in art stores. They are cheaper than professional makeup brushes.

Use a Japanese fine-paint brush for doing your eyeliner as it is thin and will help you make fine lines. For eyebrows, use the flat angled brush. For the application of lipstick, use a small oval angled brush and a bigger one for apply concealer. Use flat square brushes for correcting any mistakes or to even out any surface.

3. Applying conditioner on natural brushes.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

We take care of our hair so much, then why not our brushes? The fine bristles require good conditioning too. You get the condition along with the brush cleaner, typically. Use professional hair products if this is not available.

A conditioner is less aggressive and covers the brushes with a protective coating. The brush remains flexible and is softer. For great looks, great makeup brushes are a must!

4. Choose the facial cream and makeup primer with one base.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Cosmetic should suit the type of skin you have. Your cream and makeup primer should have the same base- be it oil or water. Oil won’t react well with water, know this when you do your makeup as well. Moisturiser with a water-based won’t work well with the oil-based cream.

Water-based films dissolve in water, and the oily ones make an oily film on any surface to which they are applied.

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5. Using an eye primer instead of eye cream.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

This primer usually is light in weight and leaves a light pinkish color in the areas where the light gets reflected. This highlights the area under the eyes and preps it for applying concealer.

Always clean the lid of the skin oils bottle. Too much moisture will affect the number of hours your makeup would stay put.

6. Using mineral powder.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Mineral powder is the foundation in the powdered form. The particles mix up with the primer and skin oil forming a thin coat. This powder is excellent for people who have hypersensitive skin. Even in humid conditions, the powder does not leak off. Also, it does protect you from the harshness of Uv to an extent.

7. Covering the under-eye bags.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Highlight the area well if under-eye bags are your main concernsns. Get a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone and apply it below your eyes. Apply the concealer in a triangular fashion, as shown in the image. Shade the outlines well. This way, the swollen area will look evenly illuminated.

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8. Shine bright with strobing.

Makeup Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Features

Strobing helps to correct your facial features. It is the method by which you highlight some regions of your face. It gives a fresh and healthy look if done correctly. Remember these few rules while trying strobing:

Faded skin with wrinkles- Mix the light-reflecting product will powder to reduce illuminating uneven skin texture.

Oily-type skin- Don’t apply the product on the areas where there is excess oil production- middle of the forehead, cheeks or the so-called T zone.

Swollen parts- Reflecting light produces excess volume. Use matte finesse for such areas.

Acne– Pimples and dark spots will look more obvious if you apply these products to them.

9. Filling in between upper lashes for a cat-eye look.

For eyes that look expressive, fill in the empty spaces between the upper lashes. If there are blank areas between lashes when you are trying a winged eyeliner, or smoky eyes look, the makeup will appear too flat.

Soft powder or even eye pencil works great for creating this look. The texture stays between the lashes and does not get washed off quickly. Easy principle- If you want an intense eye look, choose darker colors.

10. Eyeshadow with the wet technique.

Applying eyeshadows when dry has a different effect than that which is wet. Dry eyeshadows applied wet can change its texture altogether. For creating accurate lines, this technique works just right. Glittering eyeshadow glow beautifully when used with this effect.

Wet the brush and then squeeze the water out with a towel. Make sure the brush is a little damp and then use the brush similar to the way you would use watercolors.

11. Finish the makeup with transparent powder.

The transparent powder is used as a finishing agent to your makeup regime. It evens out the skin and highlights the curves. It provides a matte look so that your face doesn’t give out an oily glare.

It is essential to know that this wouldn’t help with blurring or shading. Always use the highlighter and blush before applying this powder on your face.

Excessive application of this powder will look too pale on your skin, and it may almost look like you have your face covered in flour.

Beauty should e edgy, and we agree on this one! So what other tricks and tips do you use to make yourself look picture-perfect? Do let us know about your experiences in the comment section below!