6 Tips For Makeup And Hairdo That Make You Look Younger


A woman can become more confident in getting beautiful makeup. Makeup helps a woman to hide the imperfections and get her strong sides. We do not try to change our makeup with age. We think that the lipstick which looks perfect on us at the age of 20 will still look perfect at the age of 40. It is not true. We have some recommendations for all you from the side of makeup artists and hairdressers which will help you look younger without getting any treatment.

We are sure that you can look younger than your real age.

You can add good and warm highlights to your hairstyle.

With age, many women try to lighten up their hair. It is a good idea because the fairer shades of your hair freshen up your look. It will help you look younger.

You should choose warm shades. Ash blonde adds up more years to your age. You look much younger. There is no need to lighten up your hair thoroughly. It is enough to add fair highlights of natural colors.

You can choose a warm chocolate shade if you think that blonde is too drastic of a change. The color you select for hair dye should match your skin color. Otherwise, your hair will not look natural.

Give a natural tinge to your eyebrows that will make them look denser.

Vivid eyebrows of a saturated color make your face look younger. Not only the makeup artists recommend it but also scientists do. In the research studies, scientists asked people to see at the pictures of others with different facial contrasts. Most of the participants have considered women to be younger with more contrast between their eyebrows and lips.

It means that you should fill in the gaps by using a pencil or shadows for your eyebrows. Your eyebrows will become brighter by using these products.

You should have your eyebrows with two shades darker than your hair if your hair is too light. Women with black or brown hair already hair dark color hair, so these women need to get the right shape and fill in the gaps of eyebrows.

You should opt for slightly sloppy and more voluminous hairstyles.

A woman looks older with evenly styles curls or straightened hair. We recommend you to have sloppy hairstyles for a younger look. Ponytail and loosened hair are perfect for a more youthful look.

If you want curls, then stick with natural ones. You will look younger with shorter hair near your face.

Whiten your teeth

If during your childhood, you have shiny white teeth then they will lose whiteness with age due to the items you eat and because of your lifestyle. Women with white teeth always look attractive. A white teeth smile makes the person look younger. So you should still pay attention to the whiteness of your smile.

According to experts, you should choose the right tinge when you are whitening your teeth. The natural whiteness always looks effective than excessive whiteness.

To hide hooded eyelids, use the correct eye makeup.

Hooded eyelids get connected with the physiology of the woman rather than with aging. It is right for you if you do not have hooded eyelids. You will look older if your upper lid is hanging over your movable eyelid.

According to makeup artists, to hide hooded eyelids, use nude shadows that should get applied to the central part of your eyelid. You should highlight the corners of your eyes and area under your eyebrows with lighter eyeshadows. You can also highlight your eyes with eyeliner or pencil. You should opt for brown or grey shade instead of black shadow.

Choose the foundation with warm tones it will help you to look younger

You will look natural and younger if your skin shade is warmer. You have to choose the right makeup foundation with a warm and even yellowish subtone. You should choose the natural skin color. The foundation you want should not be brighter than the color of your skin.

According to makeup artists, this rule even works for the girls with the dark complections whose skin tone is more relaxed.