Man crosses hudson river-People on a ferry from New Jersey to New York spotted a man named Scott Holt, age 32 years,  doing something bizarre sailing on Hudson river with the help of a SUP-board in a not-so-good weather condition. However, the thing which caused significant commotion was the fact that the man was clad in a black suit and shoes with a briefcase on his shoulders rather than wearing the particular swimming suit.

man crosses hudson river in suit

Man crosses hudson river in suit

When discovered, he ventured since he was running late for a meeting with a potential manager on the other side of the bank and moreover, he didn’t wish to pay the charges for crossing the river.

Undeterred by the stormy winds and trouble weather, the man picked up his suitcase, jumped on the board and continued the adventure towards Manhattan, New York.

However, it was brave as well as foolish at the same time to head towards the New York without any backup and lifejacket. But, he was luckily able to make it to his final destination within 30 minutes successfully.

Riders on the ferry made a video of this paddleboarder which became trending on social media.

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However, later did he notice that he was without a lifejacket. Well, the man is a fortunate guy, indeed.

” DON’T WORRY, I MADE IT TO MY MEETING ON TIME. ”                     

                                                                                         – Scott Holt

Holt mentioned that the conditions became, even more, worse while he was approaching New York and had to make sure that he touched the other side of the sure without getting harmed and alive, of course. However, he moved straight since he was oblivious of the directions.

Giving the entire scenario a sense of humour, Scott added that the trip offered a shine to his shoes.

Once he got to the beach, he had a hard time with the policeman and the ferry staff out there but, Scott calmed the tensed situation by clarifying that he wasn’t trying to commit suicide.

Considering the situation, he took a ferry from New Jersy and returned rather than going for the same threatening situation again.