Man Moves On His Knees To Propose The Small Girl So That She Could Be Her Daughter


The man moved to his knees to impress the little girl-Proposals seem to be the best on when we uniquely do them. Our heart will bring creativity, and our mind will set up it. Here we are with one example of a man who proposed his girlfriend and also his daughter for being his dad.

The man moved to his knees to impress the little girl

man moved to his knees to impress the little girl

Love is an unconditional and beautiful feeling. It is the set up of emotions between two people. It is one of the best parts of our life through which we get a medium to share our views with the one particular person whom you can trust blindly. You will have full faith in them and depend on their decisions to make something good for you. It is the luckiest experience when someone goes down on their knees to please you. You are special to him in every way.

man moved to his knees to impress the little girl

True love will make you full of strength and courage to perform things that the people might find it hard to do alone. We do not say living alone is impossible for you, but it is difficult for you. Your life can become more relaxed than before if you find someone for you. They will always be there for you in every condition. The only work that you have to do is to find your soul mate who is best for you. Do not step into corrupt love practices. Such a man in Oregon who has guts to propose his girlfriend such that she can never say him no.

Well, there was not only one person for whom he needs acceptance. There were two beautiful girls with whom he has to make a good friendship to maintain the relationship. One is his girlfriend and the other id girlfriends daughter. They want the little girl to accept him as a dad for future and lifetime. Well, you are here to see how a man will propose a small little girl to allow him as a father.

The moment will be super cute and precious for both of them. A man offering a small girl on his knees seems quite stunning. Well, after his such actions how one can say that the girls should decline his love and move on. Even if some other girl might be present, then she would also go for yea for him.

Well, if you want a relationship with someone, then it is quite apparent that you will try to find an unbeatable trust for him. They must accept each other and love all the members of the family. Marriage is something where two people form a bond with each other, and the bind is of heart but not by thinking.

In the story, the man is Danny Moore who is from Springfield. His girlfriend name is Angel Pitchford who asked her to marry him in front of the beautiful waterfall and there around the waterfall the man executed his another plan too along with proposing his girlfriend. He planned to win the heart of girlfriends daughter as she means a lot to him. Her acceptance must be there so that he can become her father. Well, we appreciate the guts of the man.

The man moved to his knees so that he can impress the little girl and moreover, he succeeded in his plans. The moment seemed to be emotional and quite romantic. The man was full of joy after the small girl said yes to him. It is the magical one because the Angel saw the two most important for her to be together in a sweet manner.

Angel made the video share on the internet through her social media account and shared her private moments with the people. It went viral because people got obsessed over the fairy moment on Facebook.


Well, we think that it can be a fake story, but no it is true. With this, people can also think that magically do exist on the earth. It has set a benchmark for the rest of the lovers on the planet. It is like a treasure for them all to achieve it. I hope you might also go in search of true love for yourself.