9 Tips and Tricks to Master the Winged Eyeliner Look


Master the winged eyeliner Look-A perfect winged eyeliner gives you a classy and bold look and is one of my all-time favorites. However, mastering it could be tricky and time-consuming. But that won’t stop us from achieving the look. Right ladies?

So, here I shall share a few tips with you to achieve that beautiful and bold winged eyeliner look.

Master The Winged Eyeliner Look

Master the winged eyeliner look


1) Never start with a thick line

Starting with a thick line is not a good idea. I recommend you to start with a thin line and proceed slowly so that even if something goes wrong, you can quickly remove it and re-apply. However, once you become an expert at this, you can go for thick lines as it would save your time.

2) Choose the correct angle

A low angle would make your eyes look smaller, and a high aspect would make them look over-done. So just go by your lower lash line and make it look natural and attractive just the way it is meant to be.

3) Note that winged eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow do not go hand in hand

Choose a nude or a light shade of eyeshadow when you go to master the winged eyeliner look. The eyeliner itself is too eye-catching and adding a dark eyeshadow would simply spoil the look. Apply a dark shade on one eye and a lighter one on the other, and you can see the difference for yourself.

4) Know where to stop

Do not extend the liner beyond your crease. It would look fake and unattractive and is something you cannot afford, I am sure!  It should be way farther than your eyebrows. Anything over-done does not look good no matter how much we try to pull it off.

5) Use pencil or gel eyeliners as alternatives

In case you sense some difficulty using liquid eyeliners, switch to gel or pencil eyeliners. That way your mistakes can be rectified quickly, and once you have practiced well, you can switch back to liquid eyeliners because at the end of the day liquid eyeliners are the best when it comes to master the winged eyeliner look.

6) Follow the winger eyeliner tape method

Apply a piece of tape right below where you are to draw the line. Use the tape as a tracking line and draw the wing. Once you are done, remove the tape for that incredible look.

7) Concealer at your rescue

It’s entirely all right to make a few mistakes. Why worry when we have concealer at our rescue? Take the required amount of concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and apply it where you feel something has gone wrong. Make sure you blend it well so that it is not noticeable and then what? You are saved.

8) Smudge if it is not precise

If you could not achieve a accurate look, it is all right. Smudge the end of the liner and give it a softer look. In case you do not have the time to achieve that precision even then this trick could come in handy.  But never leave your eyeliner incomplete or in bad shape.

9) Figure out what suits you the best

We all are different, regarding choice, taste, appearance, habits and so even when it comes to choosing the right style for ourselves, its different for different people. So before all the points, I mentioned you need to know which style would suit you and according to that you go ahead and get that bold and attractive look that would make you steal the limelight.

Good luck!