Most beautiful girl in the world-Beauty is being redefined in every step of our way in this new world. So, you must be wondering who holds the crown for being the most beautiful girl on this planet. Well, this might come as surprising but the girl crowned with this title is just at the mere age of six! Anastasia Knyazeva, a young Russian girl, already has over a half-million people amazed by her gracing beauty.

Most beautiful girl in the world

Most beautiful girl in the world

The girl is blessed with Barbie-like features, which has given her many wonderful opportunities to be a popular child model, starring in numerous shoots till date. She terms a French model, Thylane Blondeau, as her inspiration, who was once titled as “The Most Beautiful Girl” at the age of six as well, and after 10 long years, she’s now a successful model at the age of 16. She considers this as a bold and strong foundation to paint a successful future and career.

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Her popularity began when she was represented by President Kids Management. And she has been the lead face for many brands such as Chobi Kids. Most of her popularity comes from her Instagram page, when her mother started running an official page for her, posting backstage photos of her photoshoots and more. She has been receiving thousands of comments from spectators with a ton of love from her beloved fans.

And this young talent has already been voted as the face of Little Miss Aoki, a brand from luxury children’s couture house Mischka Aoki. She has a packed number of schedules of validations and partners in near coming future. And on top of that, she has worked with many famous brands in Russia such an Amoreco and Kisabiano.

She is believed to take the crown of renowned Russian model Irina Shayk, but she has already gained so much popularity to surpass that. Along with her major success, she still has people criticising her, to discredit her success but that’s just some of the side effects of being successful.  At the mere age of six, she has already made a fantastic and robust career for herself, and with that, she’ll have many more hurdles to face and shine through to stride through to be in a successful path.