Some Of The World’s Most Pretty Eyes


Most pretty eyes around the world male and female

1 Josh Henderson

His both eyes are of a different color, and that is a unique thing. His right eye is somewhat blue like known as heterochromia, and left eye color is green. He is an actor and performed very well in Desperate Housewives as Austin McCann.

Most Pretty Eyes Around The World Male And Female

2 Kate Bosworth

She is a Hollywood actress, and she also has two shades of eyes and her left eye color are blue, and she has right hazel eyes.

Most Pretty Eyes Around The World Male And Female

3 David Bowie

Well, this actor was punched by somebody in the left eye and hence has two different eye colors. He is not suffering from heterochromia. Actually, his right eye is blue, and his left eye was also blue, but due to the punch, his pupil got expanded and hence as a result due to expansion his left eye color is darker than the right one. And this problem is known as anisocoria.

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Most Pretty Eyes Around The World Male And Female

4 The Afghan girl

In 1984 a girl named Afghani girl was famous by journalist Steve McCurry due to her green colored eyes. You must know that the rarest color eye is glowing green eye and in the world, only two percent of people possess this green color, and this is the reason why she had been famous in 1984 and why the journalist captured her photo.

Most Pretty Eyes Around The World Male And Female

5 Aishwarya Rai

The famous actress from India Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also has beautiful eyes. Yes, this is obvious that she is so famous that everybody knows her due to her extreme talent and of course her pretty green color eyes. India is glad to have such a beautiful and beautiful actress.

6 Rihanna

The well-known Hollywood singer Rihanna has hazel colored eyes. This procedure is known as Rayleigh scattering, and hence light scatters across her iris which is very much unique and is rarely found.

7 Michael Ealy

The actor Michael Ealy who has worked in two most famous movies like Think like a man and Fast and furious 2 has blue eyes. I agree blue eyes are not rare, but the blue eyes with dark skin are limited, You would not believe that a tiny population in the world has this combination of blue eyes and dark skin.  And hence he is included in this article. Research has been done on this, and it has been found that Africans and American Africans have blue eyes and the reason is a genetic mutation, and one more reason is there eye pigment condition known as ocular albinism.

Most Pretty Eyes Around The World Male And Female