Some Simple Pressure Points You Need To Know About


When we get some problems, we should not always rely on medicines. Taking medicines daily on minimal issues. Instead, we can learn and understand some special tricks related to pressure points to get rid of this problem. So here are some of your daily problems and their solution to them with the help of pressure points.

You have abdominal pain so here is the solution. No need of having these so-called Chinese medicines instead of below the knee you need to apply pressure for two mins and hence you can see the result. You can do this on both the leg and you will get relief from the pain very fast.

Some Simple Pressure Points You Need To Know About

Need a solution for tired eyes and headache, so this is just a 1-minute work. You need to put pressure with the finger on a point between your two eyebrows just above the nose, and you will feel relax and your headache will also disappear. You need to try this out.

Have a problem with the lower back? Most of the old age people do have the problem.  So to get away from this you need to apply pressure just below your wrist and do this for at least 4 minutes and remember to use strength in a circular motion.

And if you think the shoes are the reason due to which your pain has occurred, then you can apply the pressure at your ankles particularly. This would also help you.

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Some Simple Pressure Points You Need To Know About

Suffering from a daily headache due to daily office work or spending hours on a laptop? Then you need to try this. With your finger, you need to put pressure on your hand between index finger and thumb and remember to do it in a circular motion for at least 4 minutes.

Do it on both hands to get a faster result.

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Some Simple Pressure Points You Need To Know About

For a sore throat,  the given is the trick you need to provide a look.

The first step is to bend your elbow

The second step is you need to apply pressure on the point on the outside of the angle which is called the meaty part where your upper and forearm meet.

Now relax, and you need to put the pressure points for at least 4 minutes. You can do this for at least 3 minutes. For better results, you need to do this daily and twice a day, and you will see the result.

And you need to keep this is in mind that these pressure points will work differently for each person and the result will also depend on individual to individual. And you have to wait for results. It may work for some and some it won’t work so we cannot guarantee the outcome.