13 Things one must remember before paying online or through cards


Online payment safety tips-In today’s world where corruption and frauds run parallel to each other no one can trust humanity so easily especially in the case of making an online or offline payment through card or skimming which means when the machine used to make payments tampers. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before making a final payment. Here we mentioned some of the essential things which you should remember to be on a safe side. Just have a look at these thirteen points-

1) How to detect skimming?
While paying through cards on any outlet or while shopping search for the skimming hint on the card machine. Their size will be about a centimeter and will take time to be caught by a naked eye.

2) How to make sure that you’re safe?
One can further check the level of safety by noticing the rim. Those machines who are skimmed will have thicker rims.

3) What must you check?
It might be tricky, but one can cross-check the thickness with the help of a ruler or measuring tape.

4) Alert if the plan fails
Repetition of the failed transaction or machine failure can be a sign of skimmer.

5) Always have a spare card with you
Apart from the above points, to be on a more safe side on must carry additional spare cards with them to lessen the chance of skimming.

6) Fix a limit
One must always set the cut-off value in their account to have a limited transaction from their account and further get blocked automatically in case of fraud.

7) Always transact by yourself
While making a payment never provide your card to anyone and always try to pay yourself at the counter.

8) Check the receipt
Always re-check the receipt especially the amount section. If the total amount is missing then it might be a case of fraud.

Online payment safety tips-13 ways to pay online safely
9) Check the website
Before using internet banking one must check the website of the bank. As it may be a fraud website.

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10) Perform the transactions privately
Always perform the transactions in a secret way so that your login id and password or the ATM pin is not leaked publicly.

Online payment safety tips-13 ways to pay online safely
11) Keep switching your login password
Always change your password of ATM pin and net banking at intervals for being at a safer side.

Online payment safety tips-13 ways to pay online safely
12) Set up a firewall
Installing a firewall may prevent your computer from hackers while making an online payment.

13) Never forget to log out
Always make sure that you have logged off from your internet banking account so that no other person can use it to make transactions behind your back.