These Pictures Are The Perfect Examples Of Online Shopping Gone Awry


Online shopping gone wrong-Online Shopping has become more prevalent in the past 10 to 15 years. The ease of online shopping has made people lazier, and now they are willing to buy everything online just to avoid the headache of going for shopping. Buying everything but the clothes from the internet is fine.

Clothes or shoes should not be bought via the Internet since one cannot trust the designated sizes and everyone’s body weight tends to fluctuate. There are endless examples of people not getting their money’s worth. The size, color or fitting of the item may be shown slightly different in the advertisement than the one you receive.

Sometimes the difference is so drastic that you end up feeling disappointed to the core!
While some sellers are ready to substitute the product you are dissatisfied with, others simply do not assume the responsibility stating that the items dispatched were exactly identical to the ones shown in the advertisements.

SO, it is always better to do prior research about the seller, the return and refund policies and also the customer rating of the sellers.

Here are a few examples of online shopping gone wrong

online shopping gone wrong

1. Snake Belt

who would want to own a belt like this one?

At least the above picture looks well crafted. But what the buyer received is totally hilarious!

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3. Halloween Costumes

This person wanted to honor  Princess Leia.

Instead, she ended up honoring Casper the friendly ghost.

4. Wigs

Just when we those that buying wigs online cannot go wrong, this happened.

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The first one looks like it is made up of natural hair, that looks original and well built. But have a look at what the person received!

5. Wedding Dresses

We are wondering how can someone order her wedding costume online??! But this girl did, and the result was nothing but a blunder!

we feel so sorry for this woman!


This is one of those garments that women just can’t do without.

Those are so trashy! But it’s the buyer’s fault. After all, who would order those trashy looking leggings!

8. Foam Skirt

It looks like this skirt was bought from a non-trustworthy site. The results are in front of you.

A paper skirt is what the buyer received?

10. Pet Toys

This buyer wanted to his cat a tower since his cat loved towers. Look what he got instead!

The cat looks equally disappointed.