Facts For Those People Who Are Desperate For The Wrong Kind Of Attention.


The wrong kind of attention-Well, we cannot ignore the truth of our lives that is seeking attention from other people. We feel glad if someone pays us a bit care such that we never try to find out if it is right or not. We always think that we will be someone special for them such that they are asking them for something. But you must know what is right and wrong for us.

People who desperate for the wrong kind of attention

Mother fo the year.

Facts For Those People Who Are Desperate For The Wrong Kind Of Attention.

Awww! The ladies would be happy and glad to find themselves together in the pictures. No matter if they all have grown up. They will always remain, good friends of each other, and hence they are enjoying as a child doing crazy things. They all stood at that frat party together. Raising the babies together is going to be like that.

MTV Unplugged

Well, we know many people are fans of the great singer, Justin Bieber. They consistently listen to his music and enjoy their time. But we never do Justin Bieber himself listen to his songs again and again. It is why he does not listen to them at all, but once he sits, he performs his actions like that. And we can openly say that Justin Bieber is the best Justin Bieber.

Brown Out

They are the Alonzo twins who suffered from the unnoticed accident before they had to go for the prom night. The self-tanner factory exploded while they visited the place and walked through it. But then also they decided to go out for the prom night despite their injuries. Hats off to them that they agreed to click pictures too.

The old Taylor died.

Well, the old Taylor cannot come to the phone right now, but that does not mean that she is dead. She is being held, hostage until she tries to make her face like that of Taylor.

The traffic jam

First of all of everything, we always speak a lot about the traffic jam and the worst is when we get stuck in it. And the second one is when you do not get stuck in it, but then also they lie about it. But if you make such questions, then that makes you think of the choices that you are making.


You must know the actual rules of using the hashtags more than a requirement. But then the second rule of using the hashtags is that you should not talk of using the hashtags a lot. Hence we can say that you are hashtag blessed.

I know that you are.

If you ask someone for the grammar correction, then it might act as the compliment for you. It is like you are commenting on the status. But it is hard to understand because the grammar is not all right. It is something you should never ignore while you are posting on social media.

Restrain yourself

When it is the situation, someone ignores you or ask you to remain out of forty feet away from them. When the girl asks the reason, he says that you are a Scorpio and there is no perfect match. It hurts to listen to it.

Mustache Ride

A boy posted his picture on Tinder, and another man comments him by saying that you are not the same as your photo depicts about your face because there is no beard on your face and you applied a filter and is not the same one.

Wake up like this.

When your face is without makeup, and you want to capture it, then it is difficult to achieve the makeup look. You can put a white line of foundation and some lines of mascara on it to look fresh. But do not overdo it. Otherwise, your face will look like a circus with your very first picture of the day.

A spoon which is full of sugar.

You should not let your mother know that you hate her cooking and then you can add some sugar over the food and taste if it is good or not. By God! One thing that we make sure of is that it is less severe than before.