Perception of colors-Our eyes are the most important part of the entire human body. Rather the most beautiful creation of God. However, the way we see and perceive things is different for other people, of course. And, there are various factors which actually contribute to the result of the above-mentioned fact. However, the credit for this unique perception goes to colour contrast visual abilities as this is what stimulates the many shades of colours which we are willing to adore.

Perception of colors


Eyes and their ability to see is the biggest blessing for the mankind. The trait of colour contrast is what helps in distinguishing one thing from the other. This peculiar feature is so important for all of us because had it not been there, it would have been a really perplexing situation since things would have seemed to appear the same and blend.  However, it is even more important to have sound and healthy eyes so that we are able to differentiate even the minute details that are from pin to plane.

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Apart from colour-blindness, people might have colour contrast blindness.  People who are not able to distinguish between “almost” colours do not have 20-20 contrast vision. However, there are people on the other side as well who have a really sharp and sound eyesight, who are able to differentiate and distinguish between any similar looking shade.

However, the shade that seems purple to you, someone might see that colour as blue. In the end, it all comes down to how well your colour contrast is established and the personality you own since this reflects our personality as well. So, take care of your eyes as well as possible.