Good Facts About The Perfect Age Difference For Building A Strong Relationship


Perfect age difference for a strong relationship-According to most of us, age does not matter in our relationships if we love each other. But it is not a fact. You can predict the duration of your link on the bases of age.

We do not understand the fact that how successfully a relationship works on the bases of age. According to the research done at Emory University in Atlanta, the perfect age difference can have an impact on the long-term relationship. In the article, you will get to learn more about this age factor in your relationship.

The point of the study and statistics about perfect age difference for a strong relationship

In this research study, around 3,000 people took part. Through this research study, the scientists have found the result that the higher is the age difference between you and your partner, the higher is the chances of the breakup. There can be exceptions too about this factor. It is because, in a more age difference, people tend to have different interests and goals in their lives.

Perfect age difference for a strong relationship

The researchers of this study have shown the statistics in more details which show that the perfect age difference for a strong relationship could be more than five years, then there are 18% chances of breaking up. The risk of breaking up increases to more 30% only if the age difference between the partners is ten years. And if the partners’ age difference is up to 20 years, then the chances of breaking up is up to 95% because there is a lot of difference in their interests.

Researchers in this study not only looked for the age parameters; they also include children, expenses from the wedding, duration of courtship, education, and many more factors. Training of partners also put the impact on their relationship. If they have a massive difference in education, then the breakup chances are up to 43%.

Now we come to the main point of the research study: According to the scientists, the perfect age difference between the partners is one year. We can even say that the couples of the same age or their age difference between one- three years can also come in this frame. This perfect age difference couples can stay together for a longer time. The risk of breaking up of this group couples is even less than 3%.

You all will be thinking that why it happens. How your relationship time depends upon the age difference? The primary and main reason behind this factor is that people with the same age group or little difference in their ages have likely to be the same interest and goals of their lives. And on the other side, people with more age difference have different interests, goals, and values.

They see the world differently. There is a lot of difference in their ideas and views. Their thoughts do not match with others. Their opinions about describing the world are different, so they view the world in different ways. Due to which they are unable to think the same in respect of their thinking for their families. It will lead to an early break up of their relationship. To find your partner of the same age group.

The conclusion

There are exceptions too after the aging actor in the relationships. For some people, age is not everything. It does not mean that the age factor works for every couple in the world.

So you do not need to worry if your partner is older or younger than you. The most important things and factors in one’s relationship are their feelings, comfort, and mutual respect. Your relationship can last longer if there three things are there in your relationship.

Moreover, we want to say that if your previous relationships did not end well, and now you are looking for your partner, then you should analyze the statistics and check out the age difference. If the result of this research study works for you, then find out a match for you who is of the same age group of yours. You will find more happiness with the person of your age. In this way, you will see that the age factor matters for the long-lasting of your relationships.